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Student Animation Collaboration Showing at 2024 EDU Film Festival

April 29, 2024

Anjali Fra (Visual Arts 2024) created the poster to go with the submission to the EDU Film Festival.

A student animation collaboration will be shown at the 2024 EDU Film Festival on Friday, May 17th. Perpich animators in the 3rd Quarter’s Animation Exploration created “Train Ride”, a parallax experiment where an environment was designed with layered distances to create the illusion of a truck shot aka left and right motion of a camera. Each student was able to choose how they rendered their environments and the class used After Effects to combine and keyframe motion to make a convincing shot. Their classmate, Remy Shoquist (Music 2024), produced the film’s music.

Cameron Browne, Visual Arts Instructor, is the instructor for Animation Exploration. “Everyone’s work turned out so well,” said Browne. “The fact that we were working on this specific kind of movement made the collection inherently cohesive. With a little editing and an excellent lo-fi track from our Music student friend, Remy, we made a great collaboration that will show at the EDU Film Festival!”

Parker Neely (Visual Arts 2024)
Quinn Brager (Visual Arts 2024)
Macy Knudson (Visual Arts 2024)
LaReina Alexander (Visual Arts 2024)
Michael Bluhm (Visual Arts 2024)
Kennedy Holdmeyer (Visual Arts 2024)
Rowan Dupay (Visual Arts 2025)
Lucia Shovein (Visual Arts 2024)
Maizen Albrecht (Visual Arts 2024)
Kai Shryock (Visual Arts 2024)
Azaria Green (Visual Arts 2024)
Jay Taylor (Visual Arts 2024)
Luna Beck (Visual Arts 2024)
Amara Mensink (Visual Arts 2024)
Anjali Fra (Visual Arts 2024)
Aleks Romanova (Visual Arts 2024)
Zero Trudeau (Visual Arts 2024)

Remy Shoquist (Music 2024)

The EDU Film Festival serves an important role in the development of young filmmakers in Minnesota. EDU aims to provide young filmmakers with an authentic film festival experience, a valuable understanding of the film industry, and an opportunity to screen their movies in a theatrical setting.

By putting students together with Minnesota filmmakers, industry professionals, and post high school educational institutions, the EDU Film Festival also introduces the young filmmakers to the variety of film industry options available in Minnesota.

The EDU Film Festival provides a time and place for young filmmakers from all over the state to interact with each other, form friendships and partnerships, and to create a professional network of peers.