Perpich News

2020 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards

We are very pleased to announce the 2020 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards! Congratulations to the Perpich Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention award winners and our hard working and inspiring teachers! With this list of impressive students, Perpich ranks in the top 3 schools in Minnesota.

Gold Key artworks will be on display at the Regis West Gallery at the Regis Center for Art, 418 21st Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55455 from February 4 – 22, 2020. Silver Key artworks will be displayed in a digital slide presentation on gallery monitors during the exhibition. Gold Key and Silver Key Award winners are invited to a celebration ceremony on February 22nd, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Weisman Art Museum, 333 E. River Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55455.

Gold Key works are automatically considered for national recognition. Artwork receiving a Gold Key Award is included in the Gold Key Exhibition at Regis West Gallery.

  • Lucy Duggan, Painting
  • Erick Ericksen, Drawing & Illustration
  • Anna Macleod, Film & Animation
  • Anna Macleod, Photography
  • Lily Mayes, Art Portfolio
  • Lily Mayes, Photography
  • Hailey Petersen, Comic Art
  • Mary Pfeifer, Drawing & Illustration
  • Mary Pfeifer, Digital Art
  • Mary Pfeifer, Photography
  • Ezra Tizcareno, Design
  • Ahnali Tran, Future New

Artwork receiving a Silver Key Award is digitally included in the Exhibition at Regis West Gallery.

  • Doresa Brooks, Art Portfolio
  • Clara Byron, Photography
  • Laura Haag, Art Portfolio
  • Lily Holker, Art Portfolio
  • Kassie Kodet, Painting
  • Zavien Neal, Art Portfolio
  • Ellis Ott, Mixed Media
  • Hailey Petersen, Comic Art
  • Hailey Petersen, Film & Animation
  • Mary Pfeifer, Painting
  • Mary Pfeifer, Printmaking
  • Lucy Roberts-Nieman, Painting
  • Lucy Roberts-Nieman, Art Portfolio
  • Ezra Tizcareno, Art Portfolio
  • Ezra Tizcareno, Mixed Media
  • Ezra Tizcareno, Design
  • Ahnali Tran, Painting
  • Madison Williams, Photography


  • Faith Blackstone, Digital Art
  • Abigail Bodick, Digital Art
  • Lithe Ettawageshik, Art Portfolio
  • Mazzy Fry, Comic Art
  • Lissy Hutchison, Sculpture
  • Henry Latham, Fashion
  • Adela Leville, Printmaking
  • Anna Macleod, Art Portfolio
  • Soraiya Myers, Digital Art
  • Rylee Reese, Drawing & Illustration
  • Rylee Reese, Painting
  • Lucy Roberts-Nieman, Painting
  • Mariana Sanchez Zapata, Film & Animation
  • Mira Seeba, Digital Art
  • Mira Seeba, Digital Art
  • Ole Sorensen, Art Portfolio
  • Ezra Tizcareno, Film & Animation
  • Ezra Tizcareno, Design
  • Ezra Tizcareno, Design
  • Ahnali Tran, Painting
  • Ahnali Tran, Future New
  • Raegan Whetstine, Drawing & Illustration
  • Madison Williams, Photography
  • Madison Williams, Art Portfolio
  • Sofia Wold, Mixed Media