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Support & Donate


No organization can be stronger than the supports that hold it up. At Perpich we are deeply appreciative of the wonderful support we receive from so many.


We are particularly close to our alumni and their families as well as our current students and their families. To mention just a few forms of support, they volunteer for us at events, come back to visit us, help with funding special projects, work with us to recruit outstanding students for the high school, help us recognize our teachers for their tremendous work and host exchange students.


The Perpich Foundation is an invaluable support to us. It is made up of parents, alumni parents and members of the community who love art and believe strongly in arts education. Many have supported Perpich since its inception. They hold fund-raisers, organize events and help us make myriad valuable connections in the community.


The significant funding we receive from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund allows us to provide essential training and advising to K-12 teachers around the state, working with them to integrate the arts into core academic coursework. This is a significant aspect of our work and has impacted hundreds of teachers and thousands of students in Minnesota schools.


We would not exist without the state legislature, which established the center in 1985. Most of our operating funds and many other aspects of our work comes from state appropriations for our agency. We are continually grateful to the legislators who work so hard to support our vision.


With our many partners around the state—individuals, school districts, arts organizations, artists, educational organizations and foundations—we are able to leverage our outreach and educational efforts by many multiples of what we could accomplish on our own. Our partnerships sustain us and keep us always aware of the value of our work. They are there to help us deliver it in the most effective ways possible.


The Perpich Regional Centers are key partners who are there in Albert Lea, Duluth, Elk River and Westbrook-Walnut Grove to help us foster more collaborations with existing and new partners. These local arts education leaders help to maximize the center’s ability to support teachers, students and schools in their area of the state.


Often, when we see an opportunity to serve or to reach out in an innovative way to support teaching in and through the arts, but do not have the funding to go forward, we are heartened by the many friends and donors who believe in our work and step forward to support a specific initiative or to support expanded student opportunities and education.


Our state support is essential, of course, but as with all state agencies, our desire to do good and vital work sometimes exceeds the dollars that are realistically available. That is why we value so deeply the many supporters mentioned here.

Please join our many supporters and be a part of our vision to make the arts available to all students in Minnesota. For more information on how YOU can help support Perpich, contact the Communications Department.