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2020 National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

March 20, 2020

Congratulations to the Literary Arts, Visual Arts, and Media Arts students, recognized below, on their successes in the 2020 National Scholastic Art & Writing Competition! And congratulations to their educators, as well!

Our students are part of almost 3,000 teens across the country that have been recognized with a National Medal in the 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards – the most prestigious honor an American teen can receive for their creative work.

National Awards
Gold Medal
: The most outstanding works in the nation.
Silver Medal: Works demonstrating high honors on the national level.

All Gold Medal recipients will be invited to New York for a celebration at Carnegie Hall and their work will be exhibited as part of the National Exhibition!

Literary Arts:

  • Priya Dalal-Whelan
    To Whom It May Not Concern, Gold Medal and One Earth Award
    Glimpses of a Better World, Gold Medal

Studio Arts (Media and Visual):

  • Erick Ericksen
    Butterflies, Silver Medal
  • Anna Macleod
    Echo, Silver Medal
  • Hailey Petersen
    Stalking, Gold Medal
  • Mary Pfeifer
    Andy and Their Fruit, Gold Medal
  • Ezra Tizcareno
    Salem, Silver Medal