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Artist Mark Rivard Speaks to Arts High Students

Assistant Principal Rebecca Bullen with Mark Rivard

Perpich welcomed artist Mark Rivard to Common Experience this week. Rivard is a professional fine artist, writer, educator, and entrepreneur. Working out of Minneapolis, Rivard runs the highly regarded arts educational platform Do Rad Things – A Skateboard Art Education, STAGE Culinary, as well as managing his own brand of products and creative services.

Mark spoke about the difference between being a hobby artist and a professional artist. “Once you create the art, where do you take it from there? Being great in your art is step one. But what’s next? Every single one of you is a brand. It is fascinating to find out how your art can work for you,” Rivard said to the gathered student body.

During his presentation, he announced that he’ll partner with Perpich this spring to hold a skateboard art workshop for 20 students. Following the workshop, Perpich student artwork will be included in a community gallery exhibition.