Campus in the fall
Jason Poetschke

jason poetschke

Food Service, Student Services

Jason Poetschke graduated from the Art Institute International of Minnesota. He has been in the culinary and hospitality field since 2002, which has been a perfect fit for his creative and caring personality. He has enjoyed working with a mix of customers from Serum’s Good Time Emporium in Anoka to lots of memorable staff and clients as the assistant culinary director and float team member for Volunteers of America, which serves senior citizens, memory care, and transitional care clientele.

Jason started at Perpich part-time in 2019 while working for VOA and enjoyed the students so much he took on a full-time position in 2021.

In his spare time he enjoys spontaneous travel trips outside of the U.S. and multiple ones around Minnesota to go hiking, camping, visiting the north shore, enjoying the lake life, and so much more! He is also known for being quite the horticulturist and collector of unique and rare aroid plants.