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CAPP Co-Chairs Kick Off Two-Year Program

The Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) recently held its Kickoff Conference for the eight participating school districts: Bemidji Area Schools, Columbia Heights Public Schools, Minneapolis Public Schools, Pine City Public Schools, Proctor Public Schools, South St. Paul Public Schools, St. James Public Schools, and Yellow Medicine East Schools. CAPP provides assistance to selected Minnesota public school districts as they create and implement an arts education strategic plan.

CAPP Co-Chairs gathered to start the two-year CAPP planning and implementation process which will involve forming new committees at the school district level. They dug into the programming planning model, looked at analyzing their current arts strengths, and started to assess their needs. They discussed the qualities of a comprehensive arts education and visioned how that applies to their home district’s curriculum. The kickoff was a great time for CAPP districts to connect with each other as they begin this two-year journey. Kristi Johnson, CAPP Director, will also lead strategic planning workshops in the districts with each CAPP committee. Johnson said, “It was very exciting to gather arts specialists, curriculum directors, and administrators from across the state to kick off a new round of strategic planning for arts education in their school districts. Perpich Center is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work deeply with these eight school districts through the revitalized CAPP program.”