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Darrius Strong Visits Perpich as a Guest Artist in Dance

Guest choreographer, Darrius Strong (left), with Mary Harding, Dance Instructor

October 25, 2023

Guest choreographer, Darrius Strong, worked with Perpich Dance students over several days in October to set a dance on them for their December dance concert.

Darrius Strong is a highly accomplished choreographer, dancer, and educator based in the Twin Cities. His creative work has garnered recognition and been featured in prestigious venues such as the Walker Art Centers, Choreographers Evening, and Rhythmically Speaking. As the founder and artistic director of STRONGmovement and the director of the Hip Hop program at Eleve Performing Arts Center, Strong continues to push boundaries and inspire others through his innovative approach to movement.

Mary Harding, Dance Teacher and Dance Education Specialist, said, “Darrius Strong created a new dance for the Perpich dancers. He taught classes that emphasized strength and breath. He challenged the dancers by creating a dramatic work that emphasizes relationship, character, and emotions.”

Notable highlights of Strong’s career include being featured in the 2015 New Griots Festival and an American Standard Billboard advertisement in NYC’s Times Square in 2016. In 2017, he received the Momentum New Works recipient award, acknowledging his outstanding contributions to the field. Strong has also served as the Movement Director for esteemed theater organizations such as Guthrie Theater and Ten Thousand Things Theater, lending his expertise and artistic vision to enhance stage performances.

Perpich Dance students rehearse with Darrius Strong

His choreographic talents have been sought after by renowned dance companies including Threads Dance Project, Flying Foot Forum, Alternative Motion Projects, TU Dance, and James Sewell Ballet, where he has created captivating works. Additionally, Strong has dedicated the past seven years to bringing Hip Hop knowledge and technique to Anoka Middle School for the Arts, making a significant impact on the next generation of dancers.

Beyond the realm of dance, Strong has made his mark as a movement director for musicians as well. He has collaborated with notable bands such as Noneabove and has provided movement direction for various cover bands performing at prestigious galas.

Recognized for his artistic excellence, Strong is a recipient of the 2019 Jerome Hill Fellowship and the 2022 Choreographer McKnight Fellowship, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the dance community.