Perpich News

Dedication Day 2019

Dedication Day 2019 was September 24. Dedication is a Perpich tradition where new students and faculty/staff are welcomed into the Perpich community. This year’s ceremony featured speeches from students in all six art areas (Noah Engebretson, Catherine Hinz, Anna Miller, Lucy Roberts-Niemann, Ash Wood, Mara Sanchez Zapata), Mr. Kevin Clark (English Instructor) spoke about traditions and their value, Hillary Richard (Theater 2004) spoke on how the arts open up all kinds of pathways, Mikko Blaze Bordeaux (Music 2005) performed several songs, culminating in a huge dance party, and Bob Frey (Social Studies Instructor) served as emcee. New students and new faculty/staff members received their Arts High School pendants. Following the ceremony, the community celebrated with cookies in the cafeteria.

Conn McCartan, Arts High School Principal said, “During the ceremony, as I heard students, staff, and alumni speak of what Perpich means to them, I found myself marveling at the wisdom of the founders of Perpich. Those founders decided to intentionally establish a ritual where, in a two-year school, students and staff could connect to tradition. Leave it to a community of artists to have the vision to know that it is through a ceremony like our Dedication that we pass along the values a community holds as important. As a new member of the community, I was challenged to remember that Perpich is a gift and that I chose Perpich. I was challenged to dedicate myself to both treasure the gift that was created by those who came before me, and to add value to that gift for those who will come after me. It was a beautiful ceremony that I will not soon forget. My hope is that our students can carry the messages of Dedication with them through our school year so they can leave this gift in a better place for those who come after them!”