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Dedication Day 2021

This year’s Dedication poster, designed by Jeremy Lundquist, Visual Arts Instructor

October 19, 2021

Dedication Day 2021 was October 18. Dedication is a Perpich tradition where new students and faculty/staff are welcomed into the Perpich community. The ceremony featured speeches from students in all six art areas: Isabel Meyer, Dance; Bryn Croyle Johnson, Literary Arts; Libby Strittmater, Media Arts; Rachel Clement, Music; Phenix Rock, Theater; Max Endorf, Visual Arts. The faculty speaker, Shannon Hannigan (Literary Arts Instructor), spoke about taking risks and being true to oneself. Our alumni speaker, Samantha Crossland (Visual Arts 1999), spoke about her journey in fashion design and being a working artist. Our alumni performer, Jennifer Grimm (Music 1995) performed several songs with her husband, Joe Cruz, inspiring student dancing on the lawn. Bob Frey (Social Studies Instructor) served as emcee. New students and new faculty/staff members received their Arts High School pendants. Following the ceremony, the community celebrated with cookies in the cafeteria.

Shannon Hannigan began working at Perpich in 1991, accepting what she today describes as a “very part-time job in the dorm.” Soon afterward, she was hired as the Literary Arts Instructor and has held the role for nearly 30 years. During her speech, Shannon said, “As I see it, the Perpich Dedication ceremony is not a moment when we expect you all to magically come to the same wondrous epiphany, when we all agree to simultaneously commit ourselves to our education centered in the arts, to each other, to Perpich. I see Dedication as a day when we honor EACH INDIVIDUAL’S moment, whenever and wherever you allow yourself to trust and value what you learn and share with each other in this place.”

During his speech, Bob Frey said, “I believe Perpich Dedication is a very cool and very unique event, one that has occurred here every fall for many years. So, what is Dedication? In short, Dedication is a ritual, Dedication is an opportunity, and Dedication is a promise. Dedication is when we, as the Perpich community, come together to publicly state our commitment – both individually and collectively – to our art, to our time, to our community, and to all that is Perpich.”