Perpich News

Digital Illustration Students Present “Dusk to Dawn” Collaboration

March 1, 2021

Students in Perpich’s Digital Illustration course recently published a website of their work titled, Dusk to Dawn. All of the design, copy, and work was planned and made by the students. Committees of scholars worked on various aspects of the site and overall project to make a cohesive collaboration. The students started this process by making observations about their daily life. From those observations, they made work that reflects their own experiences. Much of the work focuses on their day to day. In their class statement, they said, “Right now the world is in a dark ‘dusk,’ and we hope to soon move into a brighter future; a ‘dawn.’”

Visual Arts Senior, Faith Blackstone, said, “Digital Illustration gave me an outlet to convey my emotions over the course of being a senior in a pandemic with the instances of loss and uneasiness. It felt really great to make something that was meaningful to me and appreciated by my teacher and classmates. Something that was unique to the whole project was the fun of making the website. Last year we included our art for the climate show from our Digital Foundations class in a gallery format. However, with the challenge of distance learning, we’ve adapted to the online space and made a website to host our gallery for our pieces of artwork. It’s definitely opened my eyes to different aspects of curating a gallery and I’m excited to see what else I can learn from my time here at Perpich.”

The course is taught by Cameron Browne, Visual Arts Instructor. He said, “Digital Illustration grew to be a class that focused on bringing attention to our perceptions of our daily lives and communicating these musings using an illustrated journal. Students worked together in committees to formulate the shared messaging, format, and appearance of the site. Everyone took a lot of ownership in collaboratively shaping the project. Seeing the variety of reflections helps us understand our experiences, even at a distance.”