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Eight School Districts Selected for Minnesota’s 2023-2025 Comprehensive Arts Planning Program

May 17, 2023

Perpich Center for Arts Education is proud to announce the 2023-2025 award recipients for the Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP): Bluffview Montessori (Winona), Central Public Schools, Chisholm Public Schools, Duluth Public Schools, Hopkins Public Schools, MACCRAY Public Schools, St. Cloud Area School District, and Yellow Medicine East Schools.

Minnesota’s Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) provides assistance to selected public school districts as they design three-year, strategic plans for K-12 arts education programs. CAPP provides financial and technical assistance to support the strategic planning process through workshops, site visits, leadership development, and resource materials.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome eight new school districts to the Comprehensive Arts Planning Program for the 2023-2025 cohort,” said Kristi Johnson, CAPP Specialist at Perpich Center for Arts Education. “They join the over 230 school districts that have been served by the Comprehensive Arts Planning Program since its inception in 1983. CAPP success demonstrates that the effort of a broad-based district arts team is essential to the development of a sound and sustainable plan for arts education. We look forward to working with and providing technical and financial assistance to guide these eight school districts in addressing school and community arts education needs!”

Perpich Executive Director, Dr. Charles Rick, said, “Selecting the 2023-2025 CAPP Cohort was challenging given the quality of the applications. Eight school districts were selected as they represent a cross-section of Minnesota’s state-wide arts education programming. We look forward to working with the new CAPP cohort this fall.”

Dr. Wendy Barden, Director of Professional Development and Resources, said, “Professional Development and Resource Programs (PDR) is looking forward to supporting this new CAPP cohort in their work to broaden and deepen arts education for their students!”

Henry Schantzen, Head of School for Bluffview Montessori, said, “Bluffview Montessori School is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Comprehensive Arts Planning Program through Perpich Center for Arts Education. Bluffview has long been committed to offering quality arts programming and experiences to all learners. I am confident this program will be very valuable in helping Bluffview Montessori fulfill its vision: empowered learners unfolding their full potential as whole and unique persons in a global society.”

Superintendent Timothy Schochenmaier of Central Public Schools said, “We are so pleased to be chosen for the Comprehensive Arts Planning Program. The funds and partnership provided will bring high quality opportunities for the students of Central Public Schools! We thank the Central staff who are committed to this work and Perpich Center for Arts Education for their leadership.”

Superintendent Adrian Norman, Chisholm Public Schools, said, “Chisholm ISD 695 Public Schools is honored to be selected by Perpich Center for Arts Education for their 2023-2025 CAPP cohort. Together, with all stakeholders, our community will work hard to create a Comprehensive Arts Plan for our students. Our goal is to bring a comprehensive Pre-K – 12 Fine Arts Strategic Plan into our schools to be implemented over the next three years. Thank you to all individuals who have agreed to participate in this process!”

John Magas, Superintendent of Duluth Public Schools, said, “We in the Duluth Public Schools are thrilled, for our students, our staff, and our community, to be accepted as a recipient of Perpich Center for Arts Education’s CAPP (Comprehensive Arts Planning Program) award. Including the arts in education is an essential aspect of teaching the whole child, and planning to do this well is critical to our success. Our committee looks forward to partnering with members of the Duluth arts community to create innovative and sustainable ways to enhance arts education experiences for our students. We are grateful, and excited for the process.”

Dr. Rhoda Mhripiri-Reed, Superintendent of Hopkins Public Schools, said, “We are honored and excited to work with the CAPP grant and Perpich Center, which will help us pave the way for continued arts innovation in our district. In Hopkins, we are committed to developing well-rounded students that have the opportunity to thrive in a variety of areas, including the arts. This grant will allow us to provide an even more comprehensive and student-centered arts and music curriculum.”

Ann Ertl, Assistant Director of Innovation, Design and Learning for Hopkins Public Schools, said, “We are very excited to be a part of the CAPP 2023-2025 cohort! We look forward to reimagining our arts and music programming to ensure we are providing equitable, enriched, and interdisciplinary experiences for our Hopkins students with the support of Perpich Center for Arts Education.”

Superintendent Sherri Broderius of MACCRAY Public Schools said, “I am excited beyond belief that MACCRAY Public Schools will have the opportunity to work beside Perpich Center for Arts Education on this deep and rich educational and collaborative project. The beneficiaries of this collaboration are not only our students but our teachers. I thank Perpich Center and our teachers for this educational experience.”

Laurie Putnam, Superintendent of St. Cloud Area School District, said, “Our district is committed to Arts Education and we will embrace this opportunity to assess the strengths of our fine arts programming and evaluate and work towards the improvement of our growth areas through this initiative. We appreciate being selected for this program.”

Superintendent Rich Schneider of Yellow Medicine East Schools said, “Ensuring that all Yellow Medicine East students receive a quality arts education requires that we prepare our arts educators and equip them to help our students thrive. Programs like CAPP provide a vital role in making this possible.”

Examples of arts education improvements through the CAPP planning process in school districts and communities include:

  • Development of leaders in arts education
  • Added arts staffing and/or added programming in underserved arts areas (media arts, theater, and/or dance)
  • Professional development opportunities for district arts staff
  • New and/or updated arts facilities
  • Policies adopted to support arts education
  • Stronger school/community collaborations including partnership with arts and community organizations

With the help of this Perpich Professional Development program, school districts form a CAPP committee of district and community stakeholders (arts specialists, administrators, parents, classroom teachers, community members, and/or students) with an active and wide-ranging interest in the arts and arts education. This local CAPP committee has the responsibility to create a comprehensive arts education plan approved by the local school board, the district, and the community.