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Eight School Districts Selected for Minnesota’s Comprehensive Arts Planning Program

May 3, 2021

Perpich Center for Arts Education is proud to announce the 2021- 2023 award recipients for the Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP): Art and Science Academy, Brooklyn Center Community Schools, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District, LoveWorks Academy, Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy, Monticello Public Schools, Russell-Tyler-Ruthon School District, and Zumbro Education District.

Minnesota’s Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) provides assistance to selected public school districts as they design three-year, strategic plans for K-12 arts education programs. CAPP provides financial and technical assistance to support the strategic planning process through workshops, site visits, leadership development, and resource materials.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome eight new school districts to the Comprehensive Arts Planning Program for the 2021- 2023 cohort,” said Kristi Johnson, CAPP Director at Perpich Center for Arts Education. “They join the over 200 school districts that have been served by the Comprehensive Arts Planning Program since its inception in 1983. CAPP success demonstrates that the effort of a broad-based district/community team is essential to the development of a sound and sustainable plan for arts education. We look forward to working with and providing technical and financial assistance to guide these eight school districts in addressing school and community arts education needs.”

Perpich Executive Director, Dr. Charles Rick, said, “Choosing the 2021-2023 CAPP Cohort was challenging given the robust field of candidates and the quality of applications; however, we are delighted with the eight chosen schools districts as they represent a cross-section of Minnesota’s state-wide arts education programming. We look forward to welcoming a new CAPP Cohort this fall.”

Kevin Fitton, Art and Science Academy Director, said, “CAPP, in partnership with Perpich Center for Arts Education, will enrich arts programming for all Art and Science Academy students. Through CAPP, Art and Science Academy will be able to strengthen community ties, create unique arts program opportunities, and provide integrated arts programming at all levels.”

Superintendent of Brooklyn Center Community Schools, Dr. Carly Baker, said, “Comprehensive arts programming has been a tradition in Brooklyn Center for decades. With the CAPP award, we will be able to better integrate this rich tradition into our STEAM programming for all learners from the first day of Pre-K to graduation.”

Dr. Theresa Battle, Superintendent of Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District, said, “CAPP is the vehicle for the district to align and enhance arts education, ignite student interest and engagement in the arts in new and unique ways, develop a cadre of arts leaders who can implement positive changes in arts programming, and support Arts Pathways that partner schools and community. Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Public Schools (ISD 191) is excited to be selected to participate in CAPP.”

Arthur C. Turner, III, Executive Director of LoveWorks Academy, said, “Our students are the dreamers of today and the leaders of tomorrow. With a solid arts education, they will be empowered to strengthen all areas of learning for the remainder of their lives and find true joy along the way! Arts Matter!”

Danielle Fields, Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy Executive Director, said, “As a school that prides itself in bringing equitable access to underserved communities, we know the importance the arts have to the development of a child. To quote Syndey Gurewitz Clemens, ‘Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves, instead of more like everyone else.’ This program will bring opportunities to our scholars and staff that would have otherwise not been afforded, and we look forward to the unveiling of creativity, inspiration, problem solving, healing, and connections that will be made stronger within our scholars and school community.”

Superintendent Eric Olson of Monticello Public Schools said, “CAPP will create opportunities for our arts educators, our students, and our community to improve upon programming, provide enhanced instruction in the arts, and engage teachers, students, and families in authentic experiences and leadership opportunities. A partnership with Perpich Center will open doors for our district that would not be otherwise available to us. We would like to thank the Perpich Center for Arts Education for this opportunity.”

David Marlette, Superintendent of Russell-Tyler-Ruthon School District, said, “This coming fall, we will begin a two-year process of developing a multi-year plan to improve Arts Education in the RTR School District. Our team of interested and capable leaders within our district is sure to take full advantage of this opportunity. We are eager to engage school and community stakeholders in conducting a needs analysis to identify the strengths of our current programming, areas for improving arts education and our students’ experiences, as well as a three-year strategic plan.”

Patrick Gordon, Executive Director of Zumbro Education District, said, “This will not only set a firm art education foundation for our district but also help our neediest learners. Through CAPP, our district can provide additional art opportunities to our students that were not present before this award.”

Examples of arts education improvements through CAPP in school districts and communities include:

  • Development of leaders in arts education
  • New or revised curriculum and assessments in arts areas to meet the Minnesota Arts Standards
  • Professional development opportunities for arts and non-arts teachers
  • Added arts staffing
  • Opportunities for students to work with professional artists
  • New or updated arts facilities
  • Policies adopted to support arts education
  • Stronger school/community collaborations including partnership with arts and community organizations and higher education institutions

With the help of this Perpich Professional Development program, school districts form a CAPP committee of district and community stakeholders (arts specialists, administrators, parents, teachers, community members, and students) with an active and wide-ranging interest in the arts and arts education. This CAPP committee has the responsibility to create a comprehensive arts education plan approved by the local school board, the district, and the community.