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Eleanor Koster (Visual Arts 2019) Curates “Lost & Found” Exhibition

Eleanor Koster in frameroom

Eleanor Koster

March 9, 2020

Eleanor Koster (Visual Arts 2019) is a contractor at Perpich this year, working closely with the Studio Arts department. One day, while sifting through the frame room, Koster discovered boxes of artwork. “This can’t just sit here forever,” thought Koster. “I don’t want to throw it away but I don’t know whose it is.” And then it came to her; a lost and found exhibition of alumni work that was lost or salvaged or tucked away. Eleanor is curating the exhibition, which will open on April 23, the same evening as the Studio Arts Senior Capstone Exhibition. For Koster, it has “been a really fun process to curate past work and see the talent that has been in this school.” She hopes that having the exhibition open the same night as the senior capstone will be a full circle experience for attendees as they celebrate the work that is being created today by students and honor the work that was done by students 20-30 years ago.