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Faith Blackstone Organizes Black History 365 Event

Faith Blackstone (Visual Arts 2021) organized and hosted a Black History Month event on February 6, 2020 in Chaska. Faith, a former student at Chaska, created this event after Chaska High School wouldn’t allow her to hang black history posters in the school’s halls. This year was the second annual Black History 365 event and was hosted by T. Mychael Rambo and Faith Blackstone.

Gina Pretti, Dorm Coordinator, said, “The support of family and the community shows that Faith is a born leader. The event was inspiring, educational, and beautifully put together.”

Anne Johnson, Admissions Director, said, “Black History Uncensored was an incredibly uplifting, positive, and motivational event. Faith Blackstone and her peers organized an event that brought people of different ages, races, and backgrounds together, with various arts being the vehicle for powerful messages on inclusion and equity. As Faith said, ‘it’s not Black History, it’s American History!'”