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Grace Lampi (Visual Arts 2024) Receives Gary Fink Scholarship

Grace Lampi (Visual Arts 2024) has received the Gary Fink Scholarship valued at $20,000.

February 12, 2024

Grace Lampi (Visual Arts 2024) has received the Gary Fink Scholarship valued at $20,000! This honor is awarded to a senior visual arts student at Perpich Arts High School to attend a post secondary college with the intent of majoring in the arts. This scholarship is based on need and merit.

I knew college was always going to be something hard to talk about,” said Grace. “My family is the kind to sacrifice for each other. It’s how I was raised. After hearing the words ‘we’ll figure it out’ so many times, and experiencing the results of it for myself, I didn’t ever want my family to have to sacrifice for my dreams. They wouldn’t be dreams then. Perpich has given me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and help my family cover the debt of an arts college.”

“In my old school, there was little to no artistic community. It’s hard to believe I went from that to [Perpich]. With this scholarship, I am ecstatic. It is the chance for my dreams to truly become my dreams. I am forever grateful to the experience Perpich has given me and the many things I have learned from it. The opportunities here are truly endless and, with this scholarship, I know that I have proven that in endeavoring, I have achieved.”

Grace plans to use this award to attend Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and study Illustration. She is also working on publishing her literary work while she sells artwork on the side. Visit her website here.

Grace Lampi (Visual Arts 2024) is the Gary Fink Scholarship recipient. They are pictured with, left to right: Visual Arts Instructors Cameron Browne, Kathryn D’Elia, Jeremy Lundquist, and Arts High School Principal Rebecca Bullen.

“This amazing opportunity started with an alumni connection,” said Rebecca Bullen, Arts High School Principal. “Megan Rye (Visual Arts 1994) connected me with the Fink Family Foundation. From our conversations, their interest in Perpich, and their commitment to the success and support of young artists, this scholarship emerged. What an amazing opportunity the Fink family has provided for Grace and what an amazing person to receive this award. The look on her face when she heard she was the recipient was priceless. The impact this will have on her future is life changing. I am so grateful to Megan for making the connection, and grateful to the Fink family for their support.”

All interested applicants completed an application and presented to a review panel with Arts High School staff with the final decision made by the Gary Fink family. In the feedback provided about Grace’s work, the comments were “technically impressive portfolio, statement is compelling, piece demonstrated artistic interest and goals, as well as need, work samples very strong”.

“Grace has been a consistently hard-working student in their classes at Perpich, but they are also dedicated to their own practice outside of school, creating paintings and large writing projects in their time outside of school,” said said Kathryn D’Elia, Studio Arts Chair and Visual Arts Instructor. “Grace’s creativity truly contains multitudes and it’s a pleasure to see their efforts rewarded. They’re going to do amazing things at MCAD!”

“We are proud to have Grace receive the Gary Fink scholarship!” said Cameron Browne, Visual Arts Instructor. “Many of us know Grace as a student and artist who can pour themselves into their work and will flourish in an arts college. This scholarship will deservingly make it easier for Grace to go on to a new creative community, continue to grow as an artist, and find footing for a future they desire as a creative professional.”

“On behalf of the entire Residential Life Staff, I would like to express how excited we are for Grace and how proud we are of Grace’s accomplishments,” said Gabe Flynn, Resident Dorm Director. “We are grateful for Grace’s kind and caring presence in the residence hall and we look forward to the rest of the year with them as a member of our community.”

Grace Lampi is from Duluth, MN and is the child of Nicole and Matthew Lampi. They previously attended Hermantown High School in Hermantown, MN.

Mr. Gary Fink

Gary Fink was a retired Insurance Executive and Prudential Insurance’s all-time leading sales agent. Gary also founded a very successful consulting firm. Gary sold his consulting firm in 2004 and focused his energy on his true passions: philanthropy and art. Gary long recognized the importance and impact that art has on society and its ability to stretch our recognition beyond the here and now and into the realm of creative expression.

Over the years, Gary mentored and supported many up-and-coming artists. Gary passed away in 2022 and would have wanted to support and inspire the next generation of artists. He would have believed in the mission of Perpich Center for Arts Education.

His obituary is found here.