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Kathryn D’Elia Artwork Featured in State Fair Art Exhibition

August 30, 2022

Kathryn D’Elia, Visual Arts Instructor and Gallery Coordinator, stands next to her piece, “Pressed”, at the 2022 Minnesota State Fair.

Artwork by Kathryn D’Elia, Visual Arts Instructor and Gallery Coordinator, is currently on display in the State Fair Art Exhibition. The exhibition will run through September 5, 2022.

“The Art Exhibition is one of my favorite events to explore at the State Fair,” said D’Elia. “I am excited to have one of my own works on display in the exhibition this year. The show is a lively, large collection of works exploring a range of mediums and approaches by artists from across the state. Personally I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to show work with my artist peers and connect with them at the opening and online.”

The fine arts department of the Minnesota State Fair presents an annual art exhibition that is the result of a juried competition. Participation is open to all living residents of Minnesota. Only those works selected by the jurors are displayed in the Fine Arts Center during the exhibition. In 2021, a total of 2,484 pieces were submitted, and 329 works were accepted. This exhibition accepts one artwork per artist for adjudication. Each medium type (painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking) has its own dedicated group of judges. For more information on the 2022 Fine Arts Competition, visit:

Kathryn D’Elia is a practicing local artist creating dramatic, semi-abstract oil paintings of manipulated biological forms. She is a champion for strong drawing and painting skills and conceptual thinking. She has been teaching for several years at The University of Washington, Artistry, and at Perpich, all while also supporting Minnesota non-profits. She earned her BFA from Flagler College in Florida and her MFA from The University of Washington. She is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. Kathryn is very excited to get to work with Perpich students to foster the creation of well thought-out and well realized 2-d projects.

Artist Website:
Instagram:  @kathryn_delia_studio