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Kathryn D’Elia Exhibiting at Susan Hensel Gallery

December 21, 2020

Work by Kathryn D’Elia, Visual Arts Instructor, is currently on display at the Susan Hensel Gallery in Minneapolis. The exhibition will run through February, 2021.

In her artist statement, D’Elia says, “This exhibition is a collection of work created through gathered observations: a person, a moment of speech, shapes of a curtain, bodily structures, snow-blanketed objects. They are exaggerated, warped, stacked, built, and lit to ‘remake’ them into something new – to create something familiar, but on edge.

Further discoveries can be made between artworks. Bridges of color and value marry mold structures, into lung tissue, into the curving forms of an elderly woman’s cheek – into a larger and larger environment of association, one that reaches, leans, and grows, one that changes dramatically in theme and propensity once rearranged and re-associated.”

Kathryn D’Elia was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. She attended a high school for the arts before attending Flagler College to earn her BFA in 2011 and The University of Washington for her MFA in 2014. She moved to Minnesota in 2016 and currently resides in Saint Paul. She enjoys her work teaching drawing and painting at Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley and adult painters at Artistry in Bloomington.


Artist Website:
Instagram:  @kathryn_delia_studio

The Susan Hensel Gallery is currently a window gallery on Cedar Avenue, a main thoroughfare in south Minneapolis. It is the belief of Susan Hensel that humans are a “story making species” who will always seek, find, or provide a story for any experience. It has always been the intent of Susan Hensel Gallery to provide experiences to stretch and test the story making impulse.