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Literary Arts Celebrates 2022 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Writing Awards

January 31, 2022

Perpich Literary Arts students and staff are celebrating another year of Scholastic Arts hard work and success!

We are very pleased to announce the 2022 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Writing Awards! Congratulations to the Perpich Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention award winners and our inspiring faculty!

Perpich 2022 Regional Scholastics Writing Awards – 12 awards received
  • 1 Gold Key award
  • 2 Silver Key awards
  • 9 Honorable Mention awards

Shannon Hannigan, Literary Arts Instructor, said, “It is always a pleasure to witness Literary Arts students submit their pieces to Scholastic; whether they receive accolades or not, finding the inner strength to take that risk is the real reward.”

Because of the pandemic, an awards video for Regional Winners will be shared in early March, 2022.

Gold Key works automatically advance to national judging. In New York City, renowned creative professionals review Gold Key works from across the country. Jurors select work for national recognition based on three criteria: originality, technical skill, and emergence of a personal vision or voice.

National Awards will be announced on March 17, 2022 at

Excerpts from award winners

Rosella Stewart (Literary Arts 2022) said, “The preparation is something I look forward to each year. It is a time in which we as a lit team delve into some of our favorite pieces and share with the class. Getting to hear these works and discuss them with one another is often very rewarding and fun.”

An excerpt from The Charming Man

Thinking back to when Time was mine, but now she has gone, too, off like the others, so dearly departed. It’s not enough to regret the times we had, it’s not even enough to beg her back. She’s sharing cups of tea with some med student downtown. She’s wasting away in a cubicle with a phone to her face. Last week I saw her flirting with Death, her lips soft on his neck.
It didn’t bother me, not the way it would have before I knew her. Time and I were friends, once. Before she got it in her mind to hate herself…

Samantha Rekstad (Literary Arts 2022) said, “I was just happy about the shock of the news. I didn’t expect much, so it was a pleasant surprise.”

An excerpt from Boar Story

In the Great Sui Era, there was a humble boar king. He was a very devious suiform, despite the appearance he put out to the world. In the times when he could successfully sneak himself out of his kingdom, he would swim into the ocean palace of questionable fruits and harass the Pickle Lord. With him, he would bring his German assistant, Alechoiten Tooten. Together, they would speak German to the unassuming Pickle Lord, and engage in other upsetting behaviors.

“Hallo POOPENFARDEN, also known as Nyrb,” the Boar King said, skipping into his rival’s throne room.

“How did you get in here? I could have sworn I locked the door?!” Nyrb looked at the devilish boar concerned.

“Hah, hath thoust forgotten, Nyrb? All boars possess the power to teleport,” he smirked.

“Oh right, sure I forgot you were still doing that. Okay, what do you want, Boaris?” they sighed.

“Right right, I have come here to declare war on you. My German companion and I have grown tired of the peace in this land,” He said with a squeaky laugh.

“Ja! Ve art here toot schtart das var!” Alechoiten finally spoke after standing in the same pose unblinking for several minutes.

“That’s… That’s nowhere near German,” Nyrb lowered their strange pickle head in shame.

Bryce Riesner (Theater 2022) said, “The highlight was finding that my work truly shines on its own!”

An excerpt from Red Water

First he checked his face. The Wolf touched it absentmindedly and felt reassured. Then his legs. Numb, but no wound. Feeling his stomach, the blood was fresh but there had already been a wound there. Inching to his breast, Lochness found a new hole in front of his heart.


Gold Key works are automatically considered for national recognition.

  • Rosella Stewart: Gold Key for Flash Fiction The Charming Man


  • Samantha Rekstad: Silver Key for Humor Boar Story
  • Bryce Riesner (Theater): Silver Key for Novel Writing Red Water


  • Willa Cantlon: Honorable Mention for Poetry To Thank God in Memory Ward
  • Claire Casey: Honorable Mention for Writing Portfolio Why Don’t You Ever Talk About Home?; Honorable Mention for Poetry Carry Me With You
  • Ruby Coyle: Honorable Mention for Writing Portfolio From Sun to Moon to Self
  • Ana Curtiss: Honorable Mention for Poetry (2) Pre-Appointment Check In and Last Rites of an Author
  • Rosella Stewart: Honorable Mention for Flash Fiction Glass Doors; Honorable Mention for Poetry Rickets
  • Mia Tamez: Honorable Mention for Short Story Moonlit