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Marla Riemer Retires After Nearly 25 Years at Perpich

Marla Riemer

Marla Riemer

May 29, 2020

Marla Riemer, Perpich Arts High School Administrative Specialist, is retiring from Perpich after nearly 25 years and a total of 30 years with the State. Her last day at Perpich will be Tuesday, July 7th.

When asked to reflect on her time at Perpich, Marla offered this: “I have really enjoyed working at Perpich. I started out in PDR (Professional Development and Resource programs) in 1995 and then started at the high school in 1998. I loved my Arts High School job because it had so much variety. I have always tried to instill my strong work ethic working with all facets of the agency, whether I was working with principals, teachers, students, our finance department, etc. I was proud to be selected as the 2009 Metro Division Principal’s Office Professional of the Year by the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals.”

“Over the years, I have worked with 11 principals, 83 teachers, 184+ staff members, and have watched 2,715 students graduate from Perpich. I really wish I could have seen a live graduation ceremony during my last year at Perpich, but I am looking forward to watching these talented students in the virtual ceremony. The community of Arts High School students (current and alumni) are amazing; the building comes alive when they are in it. I will continue to be a strong supporter of Perpich, this gem of a school for creative students. And the Arts High School faculty and staff put their hearts and souls into working with students every day. This is the community that I will miss.”

We thank Marla for her years of service and wish her the best of luck in this next adventure.