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Minnesota State Representatives Visit Perpich Center

June 26, 2023

Left to Right: Rebecca Bullen, Arts High School Principal; Dr. Wendy Barden, Director of PDR; Wilson Lee; Rep. Larry Kraft (46A); Rep. Emma Greenman (63B); Rep. Cheryl Youakim (46B); Rep. Kaela Berg (55B); Dr. Charles Rick, Executive Director; Rep. Lucy Rehm (48B); Polly Cerkvenik; Pasha Khosravi, Board Chair; Rep. Mary Frances Clardy (53A). Not pictured: Rep. Samantha Sencer-Mura (63A)

Perpich Center for Arts Education was pleased to welcome members of the Minnesota House of Representatives to campus on June 26, 2023. Rep. Cheryl Youakim (46B), Rep. Mary Frances Clardy (53A), Rep. Kaela Berg (55B), Rep. Emma Greenman (63B), Rep. Larry Kraft (46A), Rep. Lucy Rehm (48B), Rep. Samantha Sencer-Mura (63A), and staffers Polly Cerkvenik and Wilson Lee, were in attendance. Many of the guests serve on the House Education Policy and Education Finance committees.

Board Chair, Pasha Khosravi, joined members of Perpich’s leadership team during the visit. The group provided an overview of the agency’s three components: Professional Development and Resources (PDR), Arts High School, and Arts Library. The legislators asked a variety of questions and then took a tour of campus.

Dr. Wendy Barden, Director of PDR, said, “I appreciate legislators have taken time to learn about the multiple facets of Perpich Center and our collective impact on arts education statewide.”

Rebecca Bullen, Arts High School Principal, said, “It was wonderful to have members from the MN House on campus this week and to celebrate their hard work and our partnership in supporting arts students, and educators, from across the state. I am very appreciative of their taking time to visit, find out more about the work we do, see the campus, and ask important questions regarding present and future needs. This was a valuable step in building long-term relationships. Thank you, Representatives!”