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Minnesota State Senators Visit Perpich Center for Senate Capital Investment Tour

October 26, 2023

Left to Right: Dr. Charles Rick, Executive Director; Sen. Jordan Rasmusson (9); Sen. Sandy Pappas (65); Sen. John Jasinski (19); Sen. Karin Housley (33); Dr. Wendy Barden, Director of PDR; George Terry Jr., Arts High School Assistant Principal.

Perpich Center for Arts Education was pleased to welcome members of the Minnesota Senate Capital Investment Committee to campus on October 26, 2023 while on their statewide tour. Sen. Sandy Pappas (65), Sen. Karin Housley (33), Sen. John Jasinski (19), Sen. Jordan Rasmusson (9), and several staffers were in attendance.

Perpich’s leadership team provided a brief overview of the agency’s three components: Professional Development and Resources (PDR), Arts High School, and Arts Library. They then presented the agency’s capital investment requests for this upcoming sessions which includes several projects for asset preservation and a request for predesign dollars to reimagine the building’s entrance and performance space. The legislators asked a variety of questions and then took a tour of campus.

Dr. Charles Rick, Executive Director, said, “We appreciated the members of the Senate Capital Investment Committee coming to Perpich yesterday to learn more about the capital projects requested and become more aware of why Perpich Center for Arts Education, as a state agency, is a statewide benefit for all people in Minnesota.”

Dr. Wendy Barden, Director of PDR, said, “It is always an honor to have senators on campus, and for them to see firsthand the energy of learning and teaching in our spaces.”