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Perpich Arts High School Dance Program presents “Liminal Spaces”

December 12, 2022

Perpich Arts High School Dance Program presented “Liminal Spaces” on December 8 and December 9, 2022. Their fall concert was the culmination of a semester of work. The dancers demonstrated their creativity, choreographic skills, and performance expertise in 12 student choreographed works, a faculty work, and one guest work. The works ranged in style, musical choice, and intention. The title, ”Liminal Spaces”, refers to a place of transition, a threshold between two points. The dancers created work that illuminates this stage of their lives. The dances ranged from haunting to harsh, from dynamic to fluid, from formal to fun.

Liminal space is a place of transition, a threshold between two points, signaling the end of one time or space, and the beginning of another.

“Liminal Spaces”

Choreography by the students, faculty, and guest artist: Gabrielle Abram (Dance 2015)

  • Eight dancers from eight Minnesota communities
  • 20 student choreographed dances
  • One guest artist
  • One faculty dance
  • A million ideas of inspiration
  • One community
  • Two priceless evenings

Mary Harding, Dance Instructor, said, “Space is important to dancers. We move through space, sculpt space, and explore space. We move between spaces that are familiar and the ‘liminal spaces’ where we are unsure. Space is our home.” After the performances, Harding added, “The students created thoughtful, sophisticated dances. As Conn [McCartan] said to us after the show, they engendered great trust in each other. They trusted the other dancers to fulfill their choreographic vision to the fullest and they threw themselves into partnering with full trust. The dancers expressed themselves through their artist statements as well as collaborating on lighting choices with our lighting designer. Of course, they are already planning May’s concert!”

Ana Plucar (Dance 2023) said, “Returning to dance feels like home. Whether you are at school, out of the country, or in your bedroom, movement brings you back to a sense of self and community. This is because every dancer has their own legacy. We are the students of students, whose teachers were also students. Every style we see, every artist we work with, every project we take on influences us and later will influence others. We are connected to movers we haven’t even met and this is why no matter where you are, dance can be home.”

Gabrielle Abram received her training at Perpich Center for Arts Education as well as TU Dance Center. Gabrielle has performed and worked with choreographers such as Mathew Janczewski, Vanessa Voskuil, Orlando Hunter, and Marciano Silva Dos Santos on stages such as The O’Shaughnessy Theatre, The Southern Theater, and The Cowles Performing Arts Center.

Estelle Bolier – St. Paul, MN
Fiona Cheever – Cold Spring, MN
Lee Christianson – Halstad, MN
Bryn Fitzgerald-Wells – Grand Marais, MN
Jamie Kraft – St. Louis Park, MN
Ana Plucar – Plymouth, MN
Elyse Ulmen – Madelia, MN
Reese Walts – Minneapolis, MN

Dance Instructor – Mary Harding
Lighting Designer – Ellie Simonett
Sound Board Operator – Ana Plucar
Guest Choreographer – Gabrielle Abram