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Perpich Arts High School Graduation 2022

May 27, 2022

The Perpich Arts High School Class of 2022 graduated on May 27 in a ceremony at Ted Mann Auditorium on the University of Minnesota campus. The ceremony was also livestreamed on Facebook. Perpich is proud to announce that 100% of the Class of 2022 graduated. Olivia Brown (Music 2022) and Rachel Clement (Music 2022) served as Student Speakers and English instructor, Jess Nite (Literary Arts 2002), gave the faculty speech. The audience, both in-person and virtual, was treated to presentations by each art area.

During Brown’s and Clement’s speech, they referenced the unofficial Perpich mascot. “If you ask any Perpich student what the mascot of our school is, they’ll quickly tell you that there is no ‘official’ mascot here, however we take immense pride in our Canadian geese here on campus,” said Brown and Clement. “We didn’t necessarily CHOOSE the goose to represent our community. However, we like to believe that the goose chose us. In writing this speech, we did some thorough research on the mannerisms and behavior of geese and honestly we think that there could be no better bird that shows who we are as people. As we all know, Canadian geese honk (quite loudly) and leave unmistakable ‘artwork’ on the bottom of your shoes if you’re not careful. They’re fierce in defending against any suspected enemy and often become aggressive with pedestrians they feel threatened by. Despite the frightening behavior sometimes witnessed by our campus comrades, geese are family birds and will always migrate together in their trademark ‘V’ formation.”

Jess Nite, English Instructor (center) with two graduates in the Class of 2022

Jess Nite, English Instructor, has the unique honor of speaking at her own Perpich graduation in 2002 and now, speaking at the 2022 ceremony as a faculty member. “Most adults spend their lives running away from high school and never looking back. I spent the last 20 years trying to get back,” said Nite. “Perpich isn’t like other schools. So much of who I am today, I carried with me from this very special place. I remember my audition, I remember when I got my acceptance letter. I remember my first day as a student, what I was wearing. I remember driving to school, I remember walking up the stairs, and then… the rest of the details are a blur. But what has stayed with me far longer and more than anything else, is how I felt. Perpich was a place I felt safe, and more importantly, I felt inspired.”

In her reflection, Rebecca Bullen, Assistant Principal, said, “As you venture forward, full of emotions, I encourage you to embrace grace. Be present. Continue to show up and BE in the world, BE present for family, community and care for YOURself. Continue to show grace. Balancing life (school, work, friendships, family) is wonderful and challenging. Over the last two years, with and by you, I have witnessed the power of grace. Grace in self and grace towards others. As you continue to practice this, give yourself permission to BE, BE where you are, WHO you want to BE. BE, in the moment, and breathe.”

Assistant Principal Rebecca Bullen and Principal Conn McCartan

During his closing remarks, Principal Conn McCartan reflected on the idea that graduation ceremonies are called ‘commencements. “They are not final acts, but rather beginnings. You, who we celebrate, are commencing with the next part of your life. So let my final remarks not be about endings, but beginnings. You possess everything you need to live a good life. YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. That doesn’t mean you are done, for being enough means you possess the capability to learn and grow. Being enough means you have reserves, possibly not yet tapped, that will allow you to manage the challenges that lie before you. For goodness sakes, think about what you have managed in just the past two years. We already heard about COVID and goose poop dodging. Add to that lugging around 75 pound Art History textbooks and overcoming a biblical box elder bug infestations, and you know that you have weathered many storms. And you will face other challenges. And you will overcome them. You will solve them. You will grow from them. As you do, remember strength is not the speed of your recovery from setback. It is the intensity of your resolve to face it. So today, as you commence, set your resolve to the fact that YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. It is for that reason that I can proudly stand before you and know that as graduates, you will commence to do great, important things.”

Special thanks to Gina Pretti, Marla Riemer, and the Graduation Committee for all their work to make this year’s ceremony a memorable one.

CLASS of 2022
Representing 33 different Minnesota communities

*Designates Honors Graduate with Final GPA of 3.6 or Higher

  • Gracie Allen (Visual Arts) – Minneapolis, MN
  • Molly Anderson* (Dance) – Greenbush, MN
  • Bridget Asamoah* (Visual Arts) – Minneapolis, MN
  • Gordon Auginash (Music) – Blaine, MN
  • Madyson Bachman (Visual Arts) – Chaska, MN
  • Abbigail Bailey (Visual Arts) – New Hope, MN
  • Winston Becker (Visual Arts) – Minneapolis, MN
  • Ivy Benson* (Music) – Mapleton, MN
  • Esther Bock* (Theater) – Minnetrista, MN
  • Lucia Boschwitz (Visual Arts) – Minneapolis, MN
  • Olivia Brown* (Music) – St Louis Park
  • Clara Buchner* (Visual Arts) – Park Rapids, MN
  • Willa Cantlon* (Literary Arts) – Minneapolis, MN
  • James Carothers (Visual Arts) – Crystal, MN
  • Wren Carter (Visual Arts) – Minneapolis, MN
  • Claire Casey* (Literary Arts) – Rochester, MN
  • Avery Clark* (Visual Arts) – Park Rapids, MN
  • Rachel Clement (Music) – White Bear Lake, MN
  • Ruby Coyle (Literary Arts) – St. Paul, MN
  • Bryn Croyle* (Literary Arts) – Wyoming, MN
  • Isabella Ebbighausen (Visual Arts) – Shakopee, MN
  • Natania Edman (Dance) – Cokato, MN
  • Maximilian Endorf* (Visual Arts) – Edina, MN
  • Izzy Fernandez (Visual Arts) – Minneapolis, MN
  • Noël Fitzpatrick* (Media Arts) – New Brighton, MN
  • Amelia Foppe (Visual Arts) – Minneapolis, MN
  • Jarred Garcia (Media Arts) – Farmington, MN
  • Josephine Geidner* (Visual Arts) – Duluth, MN
  • Iilen Gillespie (Visual Arts) – Champlin, MN
  • Autumn Haeg (Music) – Shakopee, MN
  • Elle Hall-Holt* (Visual Arts) – Northfield, MN
  • Kennedy Rose Haynes (Literary Arts) – Woodbury, MN
  • Raeven Hernandez (Music) – Robbinsdale, MN
  • Sheila Hernandez (Visual Arts) – Robbinsdale, MN
  • Alex Johnson* (Visual Arts) – Plymouth, MN
  • Coral Jordan (Theater) – Milaca, MN
  • Aidan Kahl (Media Arts) – Minneapolis, MN
  • Elizabeth Kluge (Media Arts) – Clear Lake, MN
  • Kristen Lacsamana* (Visual Arts) – Edina, MN
  • Myla Lasley (Visual Arts) – Osseo, MN
  • Alex Lee (Visual Arts) – Annandale, MN
  • Isabella Lemcke (Visual Arts) – New Ulm, MN
  • Eiley Lien (Theater) – Grand Rapids, MN
  • Fox Lopez (Visual Arts) – Edina, MN
  • Paris Martin (Theater) – Vesta, MN
  • Mona Mavluda (Music) – St. Louis Park, MN
  • Brielle Mentzos (Visual Arts) – Chisago City, MN
  • Isabel Meyer (Dance) – Menahga, MN
  • Kari Mika* (Dance) – Independence, MN
  • Kylee Miller (Dance) – Park Rapids, MN
  • Tuesday Miltich (Visual Arts) – Battle Lake, MN
  • Rose Montoya* (Music) – Golden Valley, MN
  • Megan Morgan (Visual Arts) – Cottage Grove, MN
  • Rosco Newman* (Literary Arts) – Wheaton, MN
  • Grace Niskanen (Visual Arts) – Stillwater, MN
  • Kymani Orwenyo (Music) – Brooklyn Center, MN
  • Serana Petelin (Visual Arts) – Plymouth, MN
  • Seth Rakowski (Visual Arts) – New Ulm, MN
  • Samantha Rekstad (Literary Arts) – St. Louis Park, MN
  • Bryce Riesner (Theater) – Avon, MN
  • Raechel Rinkoski* (Visual Arts) – Rochester, MN
  • Phenix Rock (Theater) – Robbinsdale, MN
  • Moe St Aubin (Music) – Minneapolis, MN
  • Elijah Stanfield (Music) – Ramsey, MN
  • Rosella Stewart* (Literary Arts) – Albertville, MN
  • Libby Strittmater (Media Arts) – Edina, MN
  • Sam Strong (Visual Arts) – Red Lake, MN
  • Jayden Studenski (Visual Arts) – Foley, MN
  • Helena Sucero* (Visual Arts) – Rochester, MN
  • Logan Sullivan (Visual Arts) – Royalton, MN
  • Olivia Thorpe (Visual Arts) – St. Paul, MN
  • Estella Thorvilson* (Music) – Plymouth, MN
  • Valarie Tierney (Music) – East Bethel, MN
  • Isa Wallace (Music) – Golden Valley, MN
  • Trinity Welsh* (Visual Arts) – Chaska, MN
  • Sylvia Yang (Visual Arts) – Lino Lakes, MN
  • Izzy Zelinka (Media Arts) – Hopkins, MN