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Perpich Arts High School Studio Arts Department Presents: Junior Curriculum Exhibition “Emerging”

May 10, 2024

Perpich Studio Arts Juniors presented their Curriculum Exhibition “Emerging” on Thursday, May 9, 2024. The exhibition is showing until early September, 2024.

The exhibition includes artwork created in Perpich art classes during Quarters 3 and 4 by members of the Class of 2025 and features animation, video art, drawings, paintings, darkroom-based analog & digital photography, prints, sculpture, and digital art. The students selected two pieces of artwork that they were proud of or they felt represented them well to be displayed for the exhibition.

A media screening took place during the exhibition opening. The show included work from Media and Visual students. Guests were invited to also visit the Basta Gallery for “The Portrait” exhibition. The still images were shown on screen in the Performance Hall during the Media Screening and will be displayed as framed, printed photographs in the Basta Gallery until next Fall.

Junior Studio Arts students and instructors gather on the Perpich campus prior to their exhibition opening on May 9, 2024

In the exhibition statement, the students said, “Perpich is a different experience for everyone and each artist emerges differently than when they arrived. We spend a year as an egg, taking everything in and growing, so that we can become the next version of ourselves. These pieces from our Junior artists are the summation of our experiences we have had that shape our world. Come back next year to see us take flight!”

Congratulations to all the students, and their instructors, on a wonderful exhibition!