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Perpich Musical Theater Ensemble Presents “Jasper in Deadland”

March 18, 2022

Perpich Arts High School Musical Theater opened their spring musical, Jasper in Deadland, on March 16, 2022. This fresh, compelling pop-rock musical, inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, follows 16-year-old Jasper Jarvis as he travels through the afterlife on a mission to save his best friend, Agnes.

Members of the cast shared their thoughts on the production in a group discussion:

“Jasper is broken and searching…he’s a 16-year-old boy.”

“There are some amazing characters in this show. And the life that people breath into them is so perfect!”

“The whole cast is a bunch of kooky characters.”

“Everyone here is from different art areas but we all mesh together. It’s a much more professional setting here because everybody takes it seriously.”

“This is nothing like a normal high school theater.”

“We all put in the work because we all really do care about this production.”

“It’s really fun to explore all these weird characters. Because this is a class, we all have assignments to do character analysis.”

“We have explored the mythology behind the story and behind our characters.”

“I don’t know if we would be able to bring what we do to our characters without this professional environment. Kevin, our director, has made it such a professional environment. Even the audition was like a real-life audition.”

Many thanks to the following students for their time and comments:

Ivy Benson (Music 2022), Cy Christensen (Visual Arts 2023), Mac Collier (Musical Theater 2023), Azy Gourhan (Musical Theater 2023), Avery Lichty (Musical Theater 2023), Paris Martin (Theater 2022), Phenix Rock (Theater 2022), Rachel Steen (Musical Theater 2023), Nadia Yliniemi (Musical Theater 2023)

Congratulations to all the artists and to their instructors for a great performance!