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Perpich Partners with AMAZEworks for Equity Training

September 10, 2020

Perpich Arts High School faculty and staff are partnering with AMAZEworks for training in our Equity and Inclusion professional development. The mission of AMAZEworks is to champion equity and belonging for all. AMAZEworks offers anti-bias education curriculum, programs, and training for schools, and organizational and individual cultural assessments, consultation, and equity training for communities, nonprofits, municipalities, and for-profit businesses. So far, faculty and staff have completed two sessions (Anti-Bias Foundations Training, Identity and Stereotype Threat) with a future training scheduled for November, 2020.

In addition to the large group sessions, Perpich will work with AMAZEworks in Teacher Coaching and Facilitating Implementation of Anti-Bias/Equity Work. Teacher coaching and facilitation will be done in small groups to support teacher self-reflection and personal/professional growth around anti-bias education and equity as well as the implementation of recommended strategies and action plans to support the school’s equity initiatives and goals.

Rebecca Slaby, Executive Director at AMAZEworks, said, “Our mission at AMAZEworks is to champion equity and belonging for all, and we are proud to partner with Perpich in support of their equity work by providing Anti-Bias Education training and consulting. We hope to help Perpich teachers build skills that foster healthy identity development and respect across differences of race, class, culture, gender, ability, beliefs, and sexual orientation. When teachers become anti-bias, equity literate educators, their students practice key social-emotional skills and learn to listen to new perspectives, engage in respectful discussions, and problem solve around issues of bias, prejudice, and stereotypes. I look forward to working with Perpich teachers this year as they explore what it means to be an anti-bias, equity-literate educator.”

Mark Quamme, Dorm Director, said, “The AMAZEworks sessions have been a breath of fresh air and a needed push to do the ‘tough’ work that we all need to do to best serve our students. By reflecting upon our own identities + experiences and critically looking at how they shape the lens we work from, the better we will be able to serve our students, regardless of who they are. The exercises and interaction with colleagues have been extremely valuable. If equity is our goal, this is the work we need to be doing!”

Kate Vinson, Visual Arts Instructor, said, “Working with AMAZEworks is invaluable as an educator in my continuing work in Antiracism, Equity, and Student Centered Learning.”