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Perpich Spanish Students Travel to Europe for Spring Break

March 27, 2024

Perpich Arts High School students and an instructor traveled to Europe for spring break and explored countries on the coast of the Mediterranean.

As Perpich Arts High School began spring break, three Perpich students and one instructor headed for an educational trip to Europe. They visited three countries that share a coast on the Mediterranean: the Cinque Terre region of Italy, the French Riviera, and Barcelona, Spain. Sarah York, Spanish Instructor, and the students rode trains and buses and put miles on their sneakers exploring these beautiful places, experiencing art, local food, and communicating in three languages.

Estelle Bolier (Dance 2024) said, “It was an all around amazing trip that helped educate me on other parts of the world that I haven’t experienced before. SO FUN!”

Isabella Lettman (Visual Arts 2025) said, “This trip was such a gorgeous and wonderful experience for me and a lot of the other people with us. It both taught me about Europe and its diverse culture across some of its countries and got me more excited to travel when I’m older and have the funds to go explore!”

York said, “Highlights were visiting medieval walled mountain villages, dipping our toes in the sea water, eating fresh strawberries at a farmers market, and viewing a fabulous art collection at the Spanish monastery town of Montserrat.”

Syd Holtz (Visual Arts 2024), winner of the “Most Daring Diner” award, enjoyed lobster spaghetti, violet gelato, and seafood paella. Estelle Bolier (Dance 2024), winner of the “Lightest Luggage” award, still managed to bring back scents from a French parfumerie. And Isabella Lettman (Visual Arts 2025), winner of the “Lively Linguist” award, mastered greetings and menu items in Italian, French, and Spanish. Profe brought back some new books for her classroom library and much gratitude for having shared these experiences with her curious and considerate students.

The Perpich students on the trip were all either current or former students in York’s Spanish class.