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Perpich Studio Arts Department presents “Senior Capstone Exhibition”

March 8, 2024

Perpich Studio Arts Seniors presented “Capstone Exhibition” on Thursday, March 7, 2024. The exhibition is showing in the Upper Gallery through April 26, 2024.

Capstone gives artists of both Visual Arts and Media Arts the opportunity to devote themselves to a long term, sustained, multi-week project with the goal of showcasing individual and personal artistic endeavors including skill development, refined techniques, medium explorations, and overall risk taking that highlights students interests and growth. The Capstone Gallery Exhibition is entirely student-driven, beginning with original concept brainstorming; stamina building as a studio artist in creating and critiquing artwork; collaborating with visiting designer to create marketing materials; repairing, prepping, and laying out their physical gallery space; installing work; marketing; committee duties for opening night; and removing and repairing of individual exhibition space.

Capstone students and their instructors gather in the Upper Gallery prior to their exhibition opening on March 7, 2024

In the exhibition statement, the students said, “The Senior Capstone Exhibition is the culmination of both media and visual arts students’ work throughout their time at Perpich. You will see a very wide range of work; sculpture, ceramics, prints, collage, installation, painting, video, photography, digital art, experimental pieces, interactive works, narrative based world building, a market stall, and so much more. It truly is a collection of the skills we’ve learned at Perpich. Students have created a piece, or series of pieces, that display their progress and celebrate their accomplishments as artists. These pieces were created over the span of the third quarter as part of the Capstone class, which is taken by all seniors within the media and visual arts areas. We proposed complex works and stuck through with many ideas despite challenges but also pivoted when we needed to. The entire exhibition is a coming together to showcase what our time at Perpich meant to us and what it did for us as artists. It is a phenomenal show and we hope you enjoy it. We are so proud of it!”

Amara Mensink (Visual Arts 2024)

Amara Mensink (Visual Arts 2024) explored metaphorical shadows in their capstone. “I’ve grown so much over the past few years and the one thing that I noticed is that I often get wrapped up in the moment and think I should be doing more or what I’m doing isn’t enough,” said Amara. “But it’s important instead to celebrate the positive changes and be proud of yourself.” Amara considers their capstone as a love letter to themself and to Perpich. Watch Amara talk about their Capstone project here.

Vivian Sandquist (Visual Arts 2024)

Vivian Sandquist (Visual Arts 2024) created a Capstone project with automatas, kinetic sculptures that move based on simple mechanics. The pieces explore the aesthetics of nautical themes and traveling forms of entertainment such as fortunetellers, circuses, and cabinets of curiosities. “I hope to create a playful experience for the viewer and to have something very interactive to create not just a visual experience but also a tactile experience,” said Sandquist. Watch Vivian talk about their Capstone project here.

Summer Smith (Media Arts 2024) used black and white film for their capstone. The piece is about lesbians and explores the power of handwriting. “All of the rolls of film and prints were developed and created here in the darkroom at Perpich,” said Summer. Watch Summer talk about their Capstone project here.

Summer Smith (Media Arts 2024)

You can view all of the Capstone Spotlight interviews here.

Kathryn D’Elia, Studio Arts Chair and Visual Arts Instructor, said, “Watching and supporting the capstone projects come to life this year was a privilege. Many of our students came into the class with an idea of what they wanted to explore and some came into their idea through mind mapping and time. Students completed and shared research to galvanize their ideas and more than anything, they got to work. We are so pleased with not only the incredibly successful completed work, but with how well our students handled this undertaking and how well they pivoted, and worked through obstacles to bring their intentions to life!”

Congratulations to all the students, and their instructors, on a powerful and impressive exhibition!