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Perpich Studio Arts Department presents “Senior Capstone Exhibition”

March 17, 2023

Perpich Studio Arts Seniors presented “Senior Capstone Exhibition” on Thursday, March 16, 2023. The exhibition is showing in the Upper Gallery and Lower Gallery through April 21, 2023. A Media Arts show, “COLOR & LIGHT”, is on display in the Basta Gallery through April 21, 2023.

Capstone gives artists of both Visual Arts and Media Arts the opportunity to devote themselves to a long term, sustained, multi-week project with the goal of showcasing individual and personal artistic endeavors including skill development, refined techniques, medium explorations, and overall risk taking that highlights students interests and growth. The Capstone Gallery Exhibition is entirely student-driven, beginning with original concept brainstorming; stamina building as a studio artist in creating and critiquing artwork; collaborating with visiting designer to create marketing materials; repairing, prepping, and laying out their physical gallery space; installing work; marketing; committee duties for opening night; and removing and repairing of individual exhibition space. This year, there are fifty-four students participating.

Capstone students gather in the Upper Gallery prior to their exhibition opening on March 16, 2023

In the exhibition statement, the students said, “The seniors created this work over the course of nine weeks. Each student was given a seven foot space and a prompt: to create a final gallery exhibit highlighting their personal voice and growth as an artist. The end result is an exhibition that reflects a multitude of artistic expression and interpretation. We have poured time, energy, and effort into creating our final outstanding exhibition here at Perpich. Though we are ending our time at this one-of-a-kind arts high school, we have cherished every moment and will continue to until the day of graduation.”

Mauce Harju (Media Arts 2023)

Mauce Harju (Media Arts 2023) created a film around the significance of hands. The film is supported by ten still images. Mauce interviewed students and staff at Perpich. “I wanted to focus on hands throughout the entire thing,” said Harju. Mauce’s film centers around the themes of how the person uses their hands, how people use their hands around the world, and what hands mean to them. Watch Mauce talk about their Capstone project here.

Catrielle Barnett (Visual Arts 2023)

Catrielle Barnett (Visual Arts 2023) created a Capstone around the concept of our history, the people who came before us, and the stories that were undocumented or lost. “This piece deals with duality. There are two outfits. The first one is titled ‘Stories Untold’ and the other is titled ‘Soundproof Screams’,” said Barnett. “The whole gallery is filled with a bunch of different work from a variety of students.” Watch Catrielle talk about her Capstone project here.

Pasakura Lee (Visual Arts 2023)

Pasakura Lee (Visual Arts 2023) chose to retell one of her favorite stories from the Hmong culture. The Capstone also acts as inspiration for a future comic that they are creating. It is “a prologue for this passion project that I want to work on,” said Lee. Watch Pasakura talk about her Capstone project here.

Congratulations to all the students, and their instructors, on a powerful and impressive exhibition!