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Perpich Studio Arts Presents “Quarter for your Thoughts” Curriculum Exhibition

November 12, 2021

Perpich Studio Arts students presented their curriculum exhibition, Quarter for your Thoughts, on Thursday, November 11th, 2021. The exhibition is showing in the Upper Gallery and Tony Basta Gallery through December 24, 2021. Quarter for your Thoughts features artwork by every studio arts student at Perpich. The artwork was made for classroom assignments and showcases the range within the Perpich studio arts curriculum. During the exhibition, animation and cinema work screened in the Performance Hall.

The first curriculum show reveals the multitude of efforts together in the first quarter Media and Visual arts classes. Juniors were first introduced to their foundational courses, a taste of what their lives as artists at Perpich might be like. Seniors engaged in analyzing all the work they have made and how the art might relate to honing their goals as a maker in today’s world.

The presentation of the exhibition is what we pondered, formatted, pasted, studied, innovated, risked, animated, painted, edited, sliced, scribbled, glued, planned, practiced, brain dumped, adhered, shaded, synthesized, pondered, connected, examined, shot, color corrected, framed, unwrinkled, printed, studied, detailed, cut, traced, built, sculpted, strategized, tried, failed, grew, critiqued, switched, iterated, made, thought, worked through, colored, watched, learned, observed, imagined, tested, reflected on, and made.

“As you look at our work, we wonder how you connect to what we are feeling and creating here at Perpich. A quarter for your thoughts?”

Greta Haberman (Visual Arts 2023) said, “I had to take the time to choose thoughtfully what piece I wanted shown in the exhibition that will be up for the bigger part of this second quarter. I really loved this show, so drastically different compared to the last, because there was space and freedom and you can see everything was chosen thoughtfully.”

Annika Wick (Media Arts 2023) said, “I enjoyed being able to work with my sister [Ava Wick (Media Arts 2023)] to create pieces for the show. Being twins allows us to more easily visualize the setting, scenes, and artwork composition.”

Sandra Woodhull

Sandy Woodhull, Visual Arts Instructor, passed away unexpectedly on November 9, 2021

With the exhibition taking place days after the passing of Sandy Woodhull, Visual Arts Instructor, the event was dedicated in her memory. A memorial was set up in the gallery, including a photo of Sandy and a book where attendees could share their thoughts on her impact on Perpich. The poster stated, “We have had to unexpectedly say goodbye to a pillar of our community, a person who loved to be here, who loved to be a part of our student’s lives. We will miss her stories, her bubbly personality, her joyful laughter, her kind heart, her garage sale finds, her intuition, and her empathy.”