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Perpich’s Production of “Godspell” Receives Spotlight Education Awards

April 5, 2024

The spring production of “Godspell” at Perpich Arts High School has been recognized with several Spotlight Education Awards. In their review, Spotlight Education applauded Perpich for the opportunities given to our students. “‘Godspell’ was their show, and they collaborated in every way possible during the making of the show. Student excitement and eagerness is something to celebrate! We applaud the work you and your students are doing at Perpich.”

Spotlight Education Awards:

  • Outstanding Performance – Maggie Loxtercamp (Musical Theater 2024)
  • Outstanding Technical Theater – Miah Reimann (Theater 2024)
  • Honorable Mention Performance – Maeve Filkins (Theater 2024), Greta Kunene (Musical Theater 2025), Mia Tanner (Music 2025)
  • Honorable Mention Choreography – Maeve Filkens (Theater 2024), Wanjiru Njora (Musical Theater 2024), Maggie Loxtercamp (Musical Theater 2024)

Maggie Loxtercamp (Musical Theater 2024) (center) performs with the cast of “Godspell”

“I am honored to have been given this award and to have been a part of such a unique and creative production of ‘Godspell’,” said Maggie Loxtercamp. “Being able to be immersed into the creation of this show through directing, choreographing, and performing with our amazing cast was such a fulfilling and incredible experience that is so unique to Perpich and one that I will always appreciate.”

Students that receive an Outstanding or Honorable Mention honor for their performance in the musical “Godspell” are invited to perform in Spotlight Education’s “Spotlight Showcase 2024” Musical Honoree number. Technicians that receive an Outstanding or Honorable Mention are invited to participate in the building of creative scenic elements and/or assist in the load in and load out of “Spotlight Showcase 2024”. The event will take place at the State Theater in downtown Minneapolis on June 10, 2024. 

Kevin Werner Hohlstein, Music Instructor, was really excited to be a first year participant in the Spotlight Education program. “It was so great to have the pre-show evaluation/workshop as a part of the process,” said Hohlstein. “[Professional actor] Greta Grosch came in to work with the cast the week before the show and was able to give our students really great feedback, advice, and direction from an outside perspective. This is always a great opportunity for students to hear similar things that are part of our process in a different way. It always helps to solidify larger concepts with our students to have the voice of a guest rearticulate things we have been working on. And it was great that Greta wanted to work with all of us in the process.”

Feedback from Spotlight Education was incredibly important. “It is invaluable for young performers to get individualized feedback – strengths and opportunities for improvement – from three different evaluators from three separate performances,” said Hohlstein. “While there were common things, the focus of each of the evaluators gave the student performers something different to think about from each of them.”

Greta Grosch visited with the cast of “Godspell” on February 28

“It was also great to get feedback and thoughts on how to expand our programming and to have our students more involved in the technical side of the performances,” said Hohlstein. “As a performance-based program, there are usually limited opportunities for technical support of shows, and we were given some thoughts about how to have students more involved in the overall process.”

“Lastly, I am excited for the performance opportunity that being a Spotlight school provides for our students. For our students that received any honors from the evaluation, they have been provided the opportunity to perform during the “Spotlight Showcase 2024″ performance with the other student honorees from around the state. For the chance to be on that big of a stage, our participation in Spotlight is invaluable.”

For information about the “Spotlight Showcase 2024”  program, visit

“Spotlight Showcase 2024” is Minnesota high school theater’s biggest celebration! Over 1,600 students will participate in the annual awards and recognition event, presented by Hennepin Theatre Trust’s “Spotlight Education” program. After a year of participating in “Spotlight-evaluated” plays and musicals, students from across Minnesota take the stage at the historic State Theatre. The event also highlights Minnesota theater educators and “Spotlight” alumni. “Spotlight Showcase 2024 presented by PNC” proudly employs professional staff from both the Twin Cities and Broadway to collaborate with students across all areas of theater.