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Play Anthologies by and about BIPOC, LGBTQ, & Women

Fall, 2021

The Perpich Library has an extensive selection of scripts and play anthologies in its collection that are free and available for you to peruse! This list features play anthologies by and about BIPOC, LGBTQ, & Women. Check these out (literally!), and check in with Perpich’s Librarian and Theater Education Specialist to see what else we have in the collection. Don’t see something you think we need? Drop us a line and let us know! We’re continuously updating the collection to best serve Theater Educators across the state.

Asian American Plays for a New Generation (2011) – edited by Josephine Lee, Don Eitel, and R.A. Shiomi

Showcases seven exciting new plays that dramatize timely themes that are familiar to Asian Americans. The works variously address immigration, racism, stereotyping, identity, generational tensions, assimilation, and upward mobility as well as post-9/11 paranoia, racial isolation, and adoptee experiences. *All of these plays were produced/performed in Minnesota by Theater Mu or Mixed Blood Theatre, and many were written by Minnesota-based playwrights.

Contemporary Plays by Women of Color: An Anthology (2018) – edited by Roberta Uno

Drawing from an exciting range of theaters, large and small, from across the country, Roberta Uno brings together an up-to-date selection of plays from renowned and emerging playwrights tackling a variety of topics. *Includes plays by Marcie Rendon, a Minnesota-based Anishinaabe  playwright; Larissa Fasthorse, a Sicangu Lakota playwright; Kathyrn Haddad, a Minnesota-based Arab/Muslim American playwright; and Meena Natarajan and Ananya Chatterjea, two Minnesota-based Indian American dance/theater artists; and many more.

The Face of America: Plays for Young People (2011) – edited by Peter Brosius and Elissa Adams

The world of young people in the United States today is exhilaratingly global, enriched by the influences of many various cultures. With that, however, comes the need for children to retain confidence in their own heritage while empathizing with people who might seem very different from them. The protagonists of these four plays—written for the world-renowned Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis—strive to achieve that balance with determination, love, and humor. *Includes plays about Somali American immigrants in Minnesota, contemporary Dakota life, Mexican American immigrant farmworkers, and the multiracial realities of a NYC borough.

Fierce & True: Plays for Teen Audiences (2010) – edited by Peter Brosius and Elissa Adams

Contains four plays that were originally commissioned by the Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis. Professional, full-length works not about teens so much as they are written for them. Ambitious, surprising, and complex, these plays speak directly to teens without pandering to them; they engage, challenge, and respect teenage minds. Diverse and utterly unique, these playwrights are bound together by the excellence of their craft and the power of their storytelling. *The four plays in this anthology are about communities of color, two are written by BIPOC playwrights.

Footpaths and Bridges: Voices from the Native American Women Playwrights Archive (2011) – edited by Shirley A. Huston-Findley and Rebecca Howard

Celebrates the vitality and diversity of Native American women. Featuring work from a wide array of tribes and geographic regions, the collection affords the artist, scholar, and general reader access to previously unheard voices that communicate the complexity and the diversity of the Native American experience. The far-ranging genres and content of the plays suggest the many possibilities for communicating the past and the present, the personal and the political, and the stunning kaleidoscope of Native American life and art. *Includes Bring the Children Home by Marcie Rendon, a Minnesota-based Anishinaabe Playwright.

The Kilroys’ List: 97 Monologues and Scenes by Female and Trans Playwrights, Volume 1 (2017) – edited by Annah Feinberg for The Kilroys

Not your typical book of monologues, this new collection embodies the mission of the Kilroys, an advocacy group founded in 2013 to raise awareness for the underutilized work of female and trans playwrights. The collection is comprised of ninety-nine monologues, each from a different play off “The List” from 2014 and 2015, featuring the most unproduced (or under-produced), yet highest-recommended, plays by women in the United States. The monologues selected for this volume serve to highlight the talents of these writers in a wide array of pieces that vary in genre, style, and gender.

The Kilroys List: 67 Monologues and Scenes by Women and Nonbinary Playwrights, Volume 2 (2020) – edited by Annah Feinberg for The Kilroys

The Kilroys are back with a new collection of 67 monologues and scenes by women and nonbinary playwrights. This collection includes a monologue or scene from each play from the 2016 and 2017 editions of The List.

Moon Marked and Touched by Sun: Plays by African-American Women (1994) – edited by Sydne Mahone

Takes the reader on a dramatic cultural journey which is one well worth taking. Edited by Sydne Mahone, this volume contains plays by such celebrated authors as Aisha Rahman, Suzan-Lori Parks and Adrienne Kennedy, among others. Moon Marked as a collection deals with the paradoxes of being Black, being female, and being an artist in a world which can be cruel to each and everyone of them.

On New Ground: Contemporary Hispanic-American Plays (1987) – edited by M. Elizabeth Osborn

This is a collection of six short plays by contemporary Hispanic authors living in the United States. While the authors represent several Hispanic cultures, and their works range from realistic to avant-garde, the plays examine the themes of politics, religion, and family within the context of a common heritage.

All items are available at the Perpich Library.