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Studio Arts Celebrate the 2021 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Art Awards

January 13, 2021

Perpich Studio Arts (Visual Arts and Media Arts students and staff) celebrate another year of Scholastic Arts hard work and success!

We are very pleased to announce the 2021 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Art Awards! Congratulations to the Perpich Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention award winners and our hard working and inspiring teachers! With this list of impressive students, Perpich ranks in the top three schools in Minnesota of those receiving the most awards in all categories.

Rebecca Bullen, Studio Arts Chair and Assistant Principal, said, “This year has brought many challenges and throughout, I continue to be amazed by our Perpich students and their teachers. Dedicated and resilient, they pushed through and got it done! Submitting work is not easy and this year definitely had struggles. Countless hours of making, documenting, and submitting result in success of submission and acknowledgement! Well done to all, I am so proud to be a part of this community. Creativity and hard work continues!”

Perpich 2021 Regional Scholastics Art Awards – 73 students submitted work, 94 awards received
In recognition of this year’s challenges, all will receive an award for participation.
  • 18 Gold Key awards
  • 29 Silver Key awards
  • 47 Honorable Mention awards
  • 1 American Vision Nominee

Hailey Petersen’s Gold Key and American Visions Nominee piece titled, “Tomorrow Will Come”

GOLD KEYS will move onto the national adjudication with awards announced early Spring.

The 2021 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards will be held virtually this year due to COVID-19.

Regional Scholastic Exhibition information: The Weisman Art Museum will be hosting a virtual ceremony for the regional award winners on Facebook live. Viewers will have the opportunity to hear from artists in the community, representatives from the University of MN, and from past award winners.

The Online Ceremony hosted by the Weisman will be on February 27th at 2:00 p.m. More details will be shared as the date approaches.

The University of Minnesota, Regis Center for The Arts, will be helping to create an online exhibition website where students and educators can easily view all award winning artworks.

March 17, 2021 – National Awards are announced
June 9, 2021 – National Ceremony

Gold Key works are automatically considered for national recognition.

  • Leo Dunn, Printmaking (2)
  • Erick Ericksen, Art Porfolio
  • Ian Johnson, Mixed Media
  • Ella Judt, Drawing & Illustration
  • Kassandra Kodet, Mixed Media
  • Kristen Alexis Lacsamana, Digital Art
  • Niles Leonard, Drawing & Illustration
  • Soraiya Myers, Digital Art
  • Hailey Petersen, Drawing & Illustration (2), Art Portfolio, Comic Art *Gold Key and American Visions Nominee
  • Sami Rehmann, Sculpture
  • Kate Romanelli, Mixed Media
  • Elisabeth Tonn, Mixed Media
  • Neeva White-Glasper, Art Portfolio
  • Isabel Zelinka, Photography


  • Jenna Barthel, Mixed Media
  • Grace Blanchard, Fashion (2)
  • Abigail Bodick, Painting
  • Wren Carter, Painting
  • Anna Elgin, Mixed Media
  • Max Endorf, Drawing & Illustration
  • Amelia Foppe, Comic Art
  • Felix Gilsrud, Drawing & Illustration
  • Izzy Halverson, Design
  • Ian Johnson, Printmaking, Mixed Media
  • Ella Judt, Drawing & Illustration, Painting
  • Kassandra Kodet, Painting
  • Kristen Alexis Lacsamana, Painting
  • Niles Leonard, Digital Art
  • Faith Miner, Art Portfolio
  • Soraiya Myers, Digital Art
  • Frankie Palmer, Art Portfolio
  • Hailey Petersen, Comic Art
  • Rylee Reese, Painting
  • Sami Rehmann, Drawing & Illustration
  • Elexa Roring, Drawing & Illustration, Comic Art
  • Sequoia Theissen, Painting
  • Olivia Thorpe, Painting
  • Elisabeth Tonn, Painting
  • Emily Woodruff, Digital Art


  • Abbigail Bailey, Painting
  • Grace Blanchard, Fashion
  • Micah Brekke, Digital Art
  • Clara Byron, Photography, Mixed Media
  • Benny Cramer, Digital Art
  • Laurent Dyal, Film & Animation
  • Anna Elgin, Drawing & Illustration
  • Max Endorf, Drawing & Illustration (2)
  • Izzy Fernandez, Painting
  • Vince Freeland, Digital Art
  • iilen gillespie, Drawing & Illustration
  • Felix Gilsrud, Drawing & Illustration
  • Brynne Halverson, Film & Animation
  • Megan Jahnke, Painting (2)
  • Ella Judt, Digital Art, Drawing & Illustration
  • Kristen Alexis Lacsamana, Painting
  • Isabella lemcke, Sculpture
  • Sophia Lodermeier, Mixed Media (2)
  • Julia Magel, Art Portfolio
  • Pieper Meccia, Film & Animation
  • Grace Niskanen, Painting
  • Lani Quintero, Art Portfolio
  • Rylee Reese, Painting
  • Sami Rehmann, Sculpture, Drawing & Illustration (2), Art Portfolio
  • Raechel Rinkoski, Digital Art
  • Kate Romanelli, Digital Art, Fashion
  • Elexa Roring, Drawing & Illustration, Painting
  • Emmalee Sathrum, Digital Art
  • Sam Strong, Digital Art
  • Logan Sullivan, Drawing & Illustration
  • Brooke Thole, Comic Art
  • Elisabeth Tonn, Painting, Digital Art
  • Trinity Welsh, Drawing & Illustration
  • Essence Young, Painting
  • Charlotte Zahn, Drawing & Illustration, Mixed Media