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Studio Arts Celebrates the 2023 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Art Awards

January 18, 2023

Perpich Studio Arts (Visual Arts and Media Arts students and staff) is celebrating another year of Scholastic Arts hard work and success!

We are very pleased to announce the 2023 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Art Awards! Congratulations to the Perpich Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention award winners and our hard working and inspiring teachers! With this list of impressive students, Perpich ranks second in the top five schools in Minnesota of those receiving the most awards in all categories.

Rebecca Bullen, Studio Arts Chair and Assistant Principal, said, “It takes a lot of courage to put yourself and your art out into the world. Our arts and academic educators are incredibly supportive of our young artists. We are an environment that fosters and encourages passion and learning, taking risks, AND making sure the submission process happens! Everyone, receiving an award or not, needs to be recognized for this artistic learning journey. So to all – CONGRATULATIONS!”

Pasakura Lee (Visual Arts 2023), whose art portfolio, Down to the Roots, received a gold key, said, “Winning a gold key is very cool and I’m thankful to have been able to participate in the Scholastic Awards!”

Perpich 2023 Regional Scholastic Art Awards:

  • 34 Gold Key awards (One American Visions Nominee)
  • 15 Silver Key awards
  • 32 Honorable Mention awards
  • 135 individual pieces submitted
  • 16 portfolios submitted

Gold Key works automatically advance to national judging. In New York City, renowned creative professionals review Gold Key works from across the country. Jurors select work for national recognition based on three criteria: originality, technical skill, and emergence of a personal vision or voice.

Regional Scholastic Exhibition information: Gold Winners have the opportunity to show their work at the Regis West Gallery on the U of M campus.
Gallery Show
Regis West Gallery
418 – 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

The Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony will be in person on Saturday, February 25th, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Weisman Art Museum.

State of Minnesota Participation:

  • 79 schools submitted student work from across the state
  • A total of 2,690 art submissions, believed to be the 3rd largest number of submissions in award history

Perpich Arts High School 2023 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Art Awards Recipients

Gold Key works are automatically considered for national recognition.

  • Catrielle Barnett, Art Portfolio Playing with Fire
  • Catrielle Barnett, Art Portfolio If I Don’t See It… It Isn’t Real
  • Catrielle Barnett, Printmaking DNA Departure
  • Catrielle Barnett, Ceramics & Glass Verbal Venom
  • Catrielle Barnett, Ceramics & Glass I Don’t Want to See Their Pain
  • Catrielle Barnett, Ceramics & Glass I’m Fine…I’m Only Drowning
  • Catrielle Barnett, Painting More Than What You See
  • Catrielle Barnett, Fashion Breaking the Record (Vinyl Record Outfits) American Visions Nominee
  • Ava Barrett, Painting I Love You
  • Ava Barrett, Painting Leaky Mom
  • Aiyana Beaulieu, Painting Mirror Image
  • Samara Bergin, Art Portfolio Stories from Her
  • Samara Bergin. Digital Art Creator
  • Samara Bergin, Comic Art What Scares You Most?
  • Quinn Brager, Digital Art Dentist Appt.
  • Lucas Fisher, Art Portfolio Control
  • Rowan Freeman, Art Portfolio The People
  • Rowan Freeman, Architecture & Industrial Design Inlet House
  • Rowan Freeman, Film & Animation Envisioning Space
  • Laurence Gingerich, Sculpture Bathroom sink
  • Ellery Hughes, Expanded Projects SELF
  • Jasmine Lara, Painting A Real Dancer
  • Pasakura Lee, Art Portfolio Down to the Roots
  • Carly Martin, Painting All of Them
  • Jaleela Mounsamroauth, Painting Red Blues
  • Jaleela Mounsamroauth, Painting Te Amo…
  • Erin O’Daniel, Digital Art Holding on.
  • River Rasmussen, Art Portfolio Prehistory generalized
  • Lucia Shovein, Digital Art Seasons
  • Estes Spreeman, Painting Pearly Gates
  • Ali Treichler, Mixed Media Stitched Together
  • Franklin Weaver, Film & Animation Pino’s Fresh
  • Annika Wick, Photography Thunder Bird
  • Annika Wick, Photography Pageant Material


  • fynn boylan, Digital Art Affair of the Poisons
  • fynn boylan, Digital Art Faust
  • fynn boylan, Digital Art Bargaining
  • Willow Bullen, Film & Animation The Shot
  • liam hoch, Printmaking Neon Lining
  • Ellery Hughes, Art Portfolio persue
  • Jasmine Lara, Painting Sun Rising
  • Link Miller, Painting I’m in a pickle
  • Jaleela Mounsamroauth, Painting The Clown Who Paints
  • Eli Ogilvie, Comic Art Exhume
  • Eli Ogilvie, Painting Bones
  • Caroline Rogan, Painting Solitude
  • Ella Shillcox, Comic Art Holmes Motel
  • Estes Spreeman, Drawing & Illustration Paresthesia
  • liv styba, Painting The Welcoming


  • Catrielle Barnett, Ceramics & Glass One Sacrifice Too Many
  • Catrielle Barnett, Fashion Soundproof Screams (Egg Carton Coat)
  • Aiyana Beaulieu, Painting Galactic Catfish Camaro
  • Willow Bullen, Photography Stance
  • Willow Bullen, Photography Untitled
  • Macey Carlson, Painting Slipping Away
  • Sophia Cruz, Film & Animation Dulzura
  • Rowan Freeman, Photography Look
  • Laurence Gingerich, Sculpture Ripped Dry
  • Cat Hatlestad, Printmaking All the Beautiful Colors in the Sky
  • Blake Herrick, Photography Post Party Trauma
  • Mikayla Holaday, Mixed Media Rusted
  • Mikayla Holaday, Printmaking Fields of Change
  • Nina Holding Eagle-Bushaw, Art Portfolio Am I Your Stereotype?
  • Quinn Karger, Art Portfolio Minuscule Movements
  • Pin (Grace) Lampi, Digital Art Que
  • Jasmine Lara, Digital Art Enchanted
  • Harper Leighton, Painting Reflection Through Flowers
  • Harper Leighton, Painting Garden From Childhood
  • Erin O’Daniel, Digital Art Madonna and Child
  • Eli Ogilvie, Art Portfolio I’m Gonna Kill God Someday
  • Eli Ogilvie, Film & Animation Pulcinella
  • Eli Ogilvie, Sculpture The tree of knowledge of good and evil
  • Ivan Rangel Zendejas, Film & Animation Guests Expected
  • Caroline Rogan, Art Portfolio Vibrant Solitude
  • Caroline Rogan, Painting Nature vs. Nurture
  • Virginia Rush Reese, Painting Oblivious Baklava
  • Arlo Studenski, Art Portfolio O&Ro Series
  • Alyssa Thoennes, Digital Art Flames of New Beginnings
  • Ali Treichler, Digital Art Early Bird Gets the Blanket
  • Ghoul Vucinovich, Art Portfolio The Shadow Printer
  • Ava Wick, Photography Grandma’s Bathroom