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Studio Arts Celebrates the 2024 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Art Awards

March 8, 2024

Perpich Studio Arts (Visual Arts and Media Arts students and staff) is celebrating another year of Scholastic Arts hard work and success! We are very pleased to announce the 2024 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Art Awards! Congratulations to the Perpich Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention award winners and our hard working and inspiring teachers! With this list of impressive students, Perpich ranks third in the top five schools in Minnesota of those receiving the most awards in all categories.

Kathryn D’Elia, Studio Arts Chair and Visual Arts Instructor, said, “We are so excited to announce the results of the Regional Scholastics Awards for this year and want to honor the effort all Visual Arts and Media Arts students put into not only creating their artwork, but carefully documenting, editing, citing sources, writing statements, and adapting to a brand new portal system that was not without its challenges. Please take some time to celebrate your hardwork and that of your fellow artists!”

Perpich 2024 Regional Scholastic Art Awards:

  • 23 Gold Key awards
  • 22 Silver Key awards
  • 42 Honorable Mention awards

Gold Key works automatically advance to national judging. In New York City, renowned creative professionals review Gold Key works from across the country. Jurors select work for national recognition based on three criteria: originality, technical skill, and emergence of a personal vision or voice.

Regional Scholastic Exhibition information: Gold Winners have the opportunity to show their work at the Regis West Gallery on the U of M campus.
Gallery Show
Regis West Gallery
418 – 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Exhibition in July. Details to be announced.

The Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony will be in person at the Weisman Art Museum. More specific times for the award ceremony will be sent in an email notification soon.

State of Minnesota Participation:

  • 84 schools submitted student work from across the state.
  • Over 3,000 total art submissions, making this one of the highest submission numbers our region has ever received.

Perpich Arts High School 2024 Minnesota Regional Scholastic Art Awards Recipients

Gold Key works are automatically considered for national recognition.

  • Abby Crook, Painting Lunch Table
  • Ezra Gomez, Painting Nights like These
  • Rhonda Hoagland, Comic Art The Dilemmas of Miss Thunderbird
  • Mariana Hodne, Painting Jorgia and I
  • Esme Kershaw, Photography Light among chaos
  • Lucy Klein, Ceramics & Glass Triangle Dish
  • Lucy Klein, Photography Solus
  • Grace Lampi, Digital Art The Glass Grove
  • Chloe Laun, Drawing & Illustration Sophie
  • Chloe Laun, Drawing & Illustration All I Need
  • Chloe Laun, Painting Dairy Queen
  • Grace Mathews, Photography Work
  • August Nguyen, Digital Art Statuesque
  • AudreyJo Nissley, Drawing & Illustration mother’S floweR
  • AudreyJo Nissley, Painting foR goD’s sakE leT heR holD yoU
  • Julia Pauly, Digital Art Finding Myself
  • Julia Pauly, Mixed Media The Art of Inner Turmoil
  • Ivy Salmi-Perry, Photography AHHH!!
  • Vivian Sandquist, Portfolio Category(Art) Automata
  • Summer Smith, Photography Jocelyn
  • Summer Smith, Photography Rapture
  • liv styba, Painting untitled
  • Alice Yi, Drawing & Illustration Tourist at Heart


  • Finley Anderson Newton, Ceramics & Glass Splish Splash
  • Aiyana Beaulieu, Expanded Projects H U M A N
  • Judyta Browne, Printmaking Leftovers
  • Emily Courtney, Digital Art colorful sea
  • Ezra Gomez, Drawing & Illustration Chaotic Harmony
  • Mariana Hodne, Painting Pond
  • Lucy Klein, Painting Golden Day
  • Chloe Laun, Drawing & Illustration In or In Between
  • Chloe Laun, Painting Dual Perspective
  • Sylvie Martin, Painting Question
  • AudreyJo Nissley, Mixed Media eudaimoniA
  • Julia Pauly, Sculpture Two Creatures On Their Way Back From The Trinket Store
  • Anna Phinney, Digital Art Scrutinizing the Mirror
  • Aleksandra Romanova, Portfolio Category(Art) Personal Enemy
  • Ivy Salmi-Perry, Film & Animation Living
  • Jack Schmieg, Drawing & Illustration Bait
  • Ella Shillcox, Portfolio Category(Art) My Little Horror Show
  • Lucia Shovein, Portfolio Category(Art) Intimacy in Assortment
  • liv styba, Painting Untitled
  • Thomas Thro, Film & Animation Branched Gahenna
  • kayla williams, Painting fore 01
  • Aza Williams-Carpenter, Drawing & Illustration uh-bouba-gub


  • LaReina Alexander, Drawing & Illustration Musical Meridiem
  • Finley Anderson Newton, Mixed Media Play house
  • Finley Anderson Newton, Sculpture Goliathus Goliatus
  • Aiyana Beaulieu, Digital Art Abyss
  • Aiyana Beaulieu, Painting Lizzie
  • Quinn Brager, Portfolio Category(Art) Chronicles of my Mind
  • Judyta Browne, Printmaking In the Wilds
  • Willow Bullen, Film & Animation Dodge Nature Center
  • Emily Courtney, Digital Art Venus
  • Abby Crook, Jewelry Eye Can See You
  • Abby Crook, Painting In Loving Memory
  • Jumanna Elhawary, Painting Beauty in Happiness and Sorrows
  • Jumanna Elhawary, Painting “Get the Trending Body”
  • Anjali Fra, Digital Art Magic Archeology
  • Anjali Fra, Digital Art Make a Mercy Out of Me
  • Rhonda Hoagland, Drawing & Illustration Thunderbird
  • Mariana Hodne, Painting Blooming
  • Destiny Hunter, Painting Frequency
  • Esme Kershaw, Digital Art Eyes of Reflection
  • Macy Knudson, Portfolio Category(Art) Planet K-5628
  • Grace Lampi, Digital Art In The End
  • Grace Lampi, Painting A Little Bit of Empathy
  • Arianna LaPoint, Film & Animation Silk
  • Chloe Laun, Portfolio Category(Art) (…) & Company
  • Chloe Laun, Printmaking Pillars
  • Zephyr Lesmeister, Digital Art Anxiety in Future
  • Grace Mathews, Photography Super
  • Abigail McCabe, Photography Yearn
  • Alyssa Melander, Painting Baby Me
  • Parker Neely, Portfolio Category(Art) Cognitive Femicide
  • Astrid Peterson, Photography Silent Rest
  • Ivy Salmi-Perry, Film & Animation Patience
  • Ivy Salmi-Perry, Photography A Look into The City
  • Taiju Satomi-Defoe, Film & Animation Fried Rice
  • Ella Shillcox, Drawing & Illustration New York Forest
  • Kaí Shryock, Drawing & Illustration Don’t Pull Too Hard
  • Summer Smith, Photography Self
  • liv styba, Painting Ode to Donkey
  • Julia Uhlenkamp, Sculpture Silly Goose
  • jorgiann Vander, Portfolio Category(Art) A big apple slice
  • Jasper Vinge Hanson, Photography Still Beauty
  • Zero Yant, Painting Lost Sparrow