Perpich News

Studio Arts Seniors Present “Perpich Capstone Exhibition”

April 1, 2021

Perpich Media & Visual Arts Seniors present Perpich Capstone Exhibition. This is an online exhibition that can be easily accessed and shared. The exhibit will run in the Perpich gallery until April 23, 2021.

The Capstone Exhibition is the culmination of both media and visual arts students’ work throughout their time at Perpich. Students have created a piece, or series of pieces, that display their progress and celebrate their accomplishments as artists. These pieces were created over the span of the third quarter as part of the Capstone class, which is taken by all seniors within the media and visual arts areas. Congratulations to all the artists and to their instructors for a great exhibition!


Reflecting on the exhibition, Jeremy Lundquist, Visual Arts Instructor, said, “I feel it shows the dedication that these students have to their work, especially with all they have been through over the past year. It is an incredible and diverse exhibition of very strong and thoughtful work.”

Faith Blackstone, Visual Arts 2021, said, “The capstone exhibition was one of the most challenging galleries to put together this year amongst COVID and navigating work flow through confusing and difficult times. The work displayed in our gallery this year is what I would consider one of the best Capstone exhibitions yet that has so much more sweat and work put into it than any other year.”

Frankie Palmer, Visual Arts 2021, said, “I’m proud of my fellow seniors and myself for working hard despite not having much access to studio spaces at Perpich and in-person teacher support.”

Essence Young, Visual Arts 2021, said, “This year’s Capstone Exhibition meant a lot to me as I tried new techniques and worked on a larger scale. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to push my limits as an artist. However, my teachers were extremely supportive and encouraged me to experiment with my project, despite the obstacles of distance learning. I have to give special thanks to Rebecca Bullen for helping me throughout the process; she was always there for me when I was lost or needed her thoughts. I’m proud of myself for being vulnerable and honest about the isolation and chaos of this new disease. The pandemic has the potential to bring out the worst in us, but we must remember who we were before and not lose sight of it.”