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Studio Arts Student Work Featured in 2022 EDU Film Festival

June 13, 2022

Visual Arts and Media Arts student works were selected and screened as part of the EDU Film Festival on Friday, May 20, 2022. Several Perpich submissions were selected as finalists with some receiving awards! You may view their work and other student works from across the state here.

Students whose work was selected and screened:

  • Sylvia Yang (Visual Arts 2022)
  • Link Miller (Visual Arts 2023)
  • Erin O’Daniel (Visual Arts 2023)
  • Sophia Cruz (Media Arts 2023)
  • Noel Fitzpatrick (Media Arts 2022)
  • Blake Herrick (Media Arts 2023)
  • Elizabeth Kluge (Media Arts 2022)
  • Annika Wick (Media Arts 2023)
  • Ava Wick (Media Arts 2023)


  • Best Animation:
    • Georgianna Besse, Collage Animation: The Story of Us
    • Link Miller, Dream Kitties
    • Sylvia Yang, Last Lie
    • Erin O’Daniel, Practice Makes Perfect
  • Best Documentary:
    • Ava and Annika Wick, Mick And Jo’s Bakery
    • Lars Brinkema, I Pray
    • Noel Fitzpatrick, Detachment of the Mind
  • Best Narrative:
    • Blake Herrick, At Night
    • Shannon Slattery, Bed of Roses
    • Cameron Harris-Gordon, Unfinished Business

And awards went to:

  • Best Micro-Film: Practice Makes Perfect, Erin O’Daniel, Perpich Center for Arts Education
  • Minnesota Women in Film and TV Emerging Filmmaker Award: Detachment of the Mind, Noel Fitzpatrick, Perpich Center for Arts Education
  • Twin Cities Black Film Festival Emerging Filmmaker of Color Award: Last Lie, Sylvia Yang, Perpich Center for Arts Education

The EDU Film Festival serves an important role in the development of young filmmakers in Minnesota. EDU aims to provide young filmmakers with an authentic film festival experience, a valuable understanding of the film industry, and an opportunity to screen their movies in a theatrical setting.

By putting students together with Minnesota filmmakers, industry professionals, and post high school educational institutions, the EDU Film Festival also introduces the young filmmakers to the variety of film industry options available in Minnesota.

The EDU Film Festival provides a time and place for young filmmakers from all over the state to interact with each other, form friendships and partnerships, and to create a professional network of peers.