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Studio Arts Students Present “SHIFT: Art from Home” Exhibition

October 23, 2020

Perpich Arts High School Media & Visual Arts students present SHIFT: Art from Home Exhibition, beginning October 23, 2020. The exhibit includes summer projects by Media and Visual Arts students at Perpich Arts High School. Students received prompts from instructors and created art in response to those prompts. A wide range of work is represented: drawings, prints, sculptures, paintings, animations, digital art, photography, video, and more. The exhibit will run until January 15, 2021. Congratulations to all the artists and to their instructors for a great exhibition!





Returning Visual Arts students were asked to create a work of art that reflects on the events of Spring, 2020. Questions they were asked to consider were:

    • What does resilience and perseverance mean to you? Equity? Social Justice? Health and Wellness? Community?
    • What are your hopes/dreams for the future?
    • How will you use art as your voice to lead, educate, find joy, and foster growth?
    • How will you take action for your future?

New Perpich Visual Arts students were asked to create two self portraits:

    • Inner Self-Portrait: In this portrait include as much as you feel comfortable sharing about your inner self using any media you think best describes the “inner you.”
    • Outside Self-Portrait: A personal work representing your physical presence. How do others see you or how would you like them to?

Media Arts students were asked to create a media art project that visually explores who they are as an artist. They were encouraged to think about what media artists are making today and conduct research and reflect on what they think media art can be.