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Theater Students Present “Chekhov Project 2020”

November 6, 2020

Perpich Arts High School Theater Ensemble students present Chekhov Project 2020, beginning November 6, 2020. Theater Instructor, Tory Peterson, said, “I have been teaching playwriting through adaptation for many years. Adaptation is a wonderful way to build ensembles and incorporate theater history, script analysis, and self-reflection as students try to adapt these stories to fit their small ensemble’s personality. This year, I chose to create radio dramas because students were not able to perform live in front of an audience. This was a new unit, designed to give students a precursory study to Anton Chekhov, prior to rehearsals for our production of THREE SISTERS set in the age of COVID. I’m looking forward to seeing how we adapt and adjust as an ensemble in this time of uncertainty and I relish the challenge as it will require us to reinterpret Chekhov in new ways. It’s a fun little project.” Congratulations to all the artists and to their instructor for a great performance!

Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out. -Anton Chekhov




Izzy Thostenson
Music: “The Jazz Piano” by

adapted from Children

Writers and Performers
Jordan Bauman
Coral Jordan
Myky Morgen
Bryce Reisner
Music: “Good Ol’ Plan B” by

Adapted from Misery

Writers and Performers
Sage Hartmann
Roman Madson
Phenix Rock
Katia Shamanovskaya
Music: “Tomorrow” by

Adapted from Sleepy

Writers & Performers
Deme Hasenjager
Paris Martin
Carmen Mattingly
Jack Strong
Izzy Thostenson
Sound fx music: Mark Snow
Music: “See Me” by Carmen Mattingly & Jack Strong

Instructor: Tory Peterson

Record Engineer: Brian Heller (Music 1994)

Mixing: Jack Strong & Tory Peterson

Thanks to: Kevin Hohlstein & James Allen, Perpich Music Instructors and Conn McCartan & Rebecca Bullen, Perpich Arts High School Administrators