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Two Perpich Students Selected for Access/Print Teen Mentorship Program at Highpoint Center for Printmaking

February 21, 2020

Two Perpich students have been selected for this spring’s ACCESS/PRINT Teen Mentorship Program at Highpoint Center for Printmaking. Alexandra Alvarado (Media Arts 2020) and Frankie Palmer (Visual Arts 2021) make up two thirds of the three students selected for this season. They are the sixth and seventh Perpich students in the past four years to be selected for this fantastic program.

“Being at Perpich and having already learned some of the basics of printmaking has helped me to be able to work in the Highpoint studio. Being able to print at Highpoint is a great experience and has taught me a lot about printmaking and I’m looking forward to learning more,” said Palmer.

Alvarado said, “The program at Highpoint has been a wonderful opportunity to branch out and experiment with different artistic mediums. As a Media student, a lot of my work has been photographic or cinematic. The program at Highpoint allows me to learn about and have experience with different forms of printmaking while being able to explore ways of combining different art forms.”

Jeremy Lundquist, Visual Arts Instructor said, “I am thrilled that Frankie and Alex have been accepted into this program. It is not only a testament to who they are as artists, but specifically their ability to express the ideas they want to communicate through their art and their willingness to take risks by applying for this challenging program. I am excited to see what they make during their time at Highpoint when they exhibit their work this spring. This is a wonderful opportunity for these students to build off the development of the work they have made at Perpich while exploring new techniques at one of the finest printmaking centers in the world.”

ACCESS/PRINT is a young artists’ mentorship program for high school students in grades 10–12. The selected participants must be highly motivated and committed to creating a strong portfolio that will be exhibited in the gallery at Highpoint. Participants will work with professional artist mentors at Highpoint’s printshop to learn printmaking processes including monoprinting, drypoint intaglio, relief block printing, and screenprinting. After this introductory period, participants will plan an independent project that uses one or more of these techniques. Through individual mentorship, peer critique, and supervised work sessions, young artists will develop printmaking skills and gain confidence in their art-making.

Congratulations, Alexandra & Frankie!