Perpich News

Franconia Sculpture Park Field Trip

October 4, 2023

Students from Studio Expedition, Sculpture, Darkroom Photography, and Filmmaking classes took a field trip to Franconia Sculpture Park on Friday, September 22nd, 2023. Also on the field trip were Khalid Ali, Media Arts Instructor; David Bowman, Media Arts Instructor; and Lindsey Schmitt, Visual Arts Instructor. The purpose of the field trip was to observe and make art at a site-specific location and experience making art outside the classroom while viewing professional artists’ artwork. Students practiced on field sketching, photography, and filmmaking.

The following Media Arts students offered to share their favorite photographs created on the Franconia Sculpture Park field trip, shown below:

  • Poppy Jones (Media Arts 2025)
  • Abbi McCabe (Media Arts 2025)
  • Evelyn McGuire (Media Arts 2025)
  • Jasper Vinge Hanson (Media Arts 2025)