Perpich News

Music Department Presents Sound Works III Concert

March 11, 2022

The Perpich Arts High School Music Department presented their third concert of the school year, Sound Works III, on Thursday, March 10. The concert showcased the work done by student ensembles during the past quarter. The music presented was chosen or created by the students and covered a wide variety of genres. The event space was full to our COVID protocols audience capacity and the event was live streamed on Facebook. The video is below for your viewing.

Conn McCartan, Principal, said, “I observed a quality in the performances at last night’s concert that is part of a trajectory of improvement in the music students this year. Their collaboration is more effective. They showed a maturing stage presence. Their original works were impressive. Their ‘re-imagined’ covers were inventive. It’s really nice to see their growth on display.”

Rebecca Bullen, Assistant Principal, said, “What a wonderful evening! Last night’s music concert was a fantastic display of the students’ growth, both musically as well as in their own sense of being. It was amazing to see their faces, the celebration, and their pride in an amazing performance. They held the stage, they interacted with the audience, and you could see their joy in the process! Well done students and well done educators!”