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  • Two Perpich Students Receive Honors in St. Catherine University’s 2022 Fashion Competition

    December 16, 2022

    Perpich Arts High School is home to two students who received honors in St. Catherine University’s 2022 Fashion Competition. Both Catrielle Barnett (Visual Arts 2023) and Maeken Ploof (Music 2023) were named award winners! Catrielle received the best overall design recognition and…

  • Maya Elena (Music 2012) Performs for Dedication 2022

    September 20, 2022

    Maya Elena (Music 2012)

    Dedication Day 2022 was September 19. Dedication is a Perpich tradition where new students and faculty/staff are welcomed into the Perpich community. The faculty speaker, Tory Peterson (Theater Instructor), spoke about our interconnectedness and how…

  • Nate Babbs (Music 2004) Makes Music the Core of his Career

    August 18, 2022

    Nate Babbs (Music 2004) Photo credit: Cori Miller

    Nate Babbs (Music 2004) has made music the core of his career. A self-proclaimed “Minneapolis mega-nerd and drummer”, Babbs plays drums for artists Reina del Cid, Dan Rodriguez, and Foreign Fields….

  • Bob Frey, Social Studies Instructor, Releases New Album “Ghost”

    July 14, 2022

    Bob Frey

    Congratulations to Bob Frey, Social Studies Instructor, on releasing his newest album, Ghost. The album is a follow-up to Frey’s 2017 LongShot Deal album. Ghost was released in June, 2022 and is Frey’s fifth album.

    Discussing the songs…

  • Mona Mavluda (Music 2022) Named Rose Rees Peace Award Recipient

    April 21, 2022

    Mona Mavluda (Music 2022), Perpich Arts High School’s selection for the 87th Annual Rose Rees Peace Award

    Congratulations to senior Mona Mavluda (Music 2022) for being named Perpich Arts High School’s selection for the 87th Annual Rose Rees Peace…

  • Alexei Casselle (Music 1999) Speaks to Students During Common Experience

    April 14, 2022

    Alexei Moon Casselle, a.k.a Crescent Moon, (Music 1999) spoke to students during Common Ex on Monday, April 11.

    On Monday, April 11, Alexei Moon Casselle, a.k.a Crescent Moon, (Music 1999) spoke to students during Common Ex. Common Ex is…

  • Music Department Presents Sound Works III Concert

    March 11, 2022

    The Perpich Arts High School Music Department presented their third concert of the school year, Sound Works III, on Thursday, March 10. The concert showcased the work done by student ensembles during the past quarter. The music presented was chosen or created…

  • New Library Materials – Professional Music Books – Fall 2021

    Classroom Management for Art, Music, and PE Teachers – Michael Linsin

    Complicating, Considering, and Connecting Music Education – Lauren Kapalka Richerme

    Composition Concepts for Band and Orchestra: Incorporating Creativity in Ensemble Settings – Alexander Koops and John L. Whitener

    Creating Music: What Children from Around the World Can…

  • Music Students Perform Sound Works Fall Concert

    November 5, 2021

    Music students performed in early November before a “full house” with COVID restrictions in place. The Sound Works 1 concert, featuring Music students from Perpich, treated the audience to an eclectic selection of performances, with everything from Mozart to Patsy Cline, from…