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New Library Materials – Professional Music Books – Fall 2021

Classroom Management for Art, Music, and PE Teachers – Michael Linsin

Complicating, Considering, and Connecting Music Education – Lauren Kapalka Richerme

Composition Concepts for Band and Orchestra: Incorporating Creativity in Ensemble Settings – Alexander Koops and John L. Whitener

Creating Music: What Children from Around the World Can Teach Us – Patricia Elaine Riley

Excursions in World Music, 8th edition – edited by Timothy Rommen and Bruno Nettl; Marié Abe [and seven others]

First Steps in Global Music – Karen Howard

Integrating Music Across the Elementary Curriculum – Kristin Harney

Kids, Music ‘n’ Autism: Bringing out the Music in Your Child – Dorita S. Berger

Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, Volumes 1-3, 3rd edition – edited by William M. Anderson and Patricia Shehan Campbell

Music and Social Justice: A Guide for Elementary Educators – Cathy Benedict


Music in Childhood Enhanced: From Preschool through the Elementary Grades, 4th edition – Patricia Shehan Campbell, Carol Scott-Kassner


Perfect Pitch in the Key of Autism: A Guide for Educators, Parents, and the Musically Gifted – Henny Kupferstein and Susan Rancer


Teaching Music to Students with Autism, 2nd edition Alice M. Hammel and Ryan M. Hourigan


World Music Pedagogy, Volume II, Elementary Music Education – J. Christopher Roberts, Amy C. Beegle


World Music Pedagogy, Volume III, Secondary School Innovations – Karen Howard, Jamey Kelley


World Music Pedagogy, Volume IV, Instrumental Music Education – Mark Montemayor, William J. Coppola, Christopher Mena


World Music Pedagogy, Volume V, Choral Music Education – Sarah J. Bartolome


All items are available at the Perpich Library.