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  • The 2022 HallowZine: Spooky Scary Student Art

    October 31, 2022

    Perpich Arts High School presents The 2022 HallowZine: Spooky Scary Student Art, organized and presented by Perpich students. Special thanks to zine committee members: Addy Miller, Lí Moore, Mia Tamez, Rowan Hilden, Joccy Gunter, Alana Brandt, and Nina Holdingeaglebushaw.
    The 2022 HallowZine: Spooky…

  • Spooky Graphic Novels for October’s Spooky Season

    October 20, 2020

    October is Spooky Season! For many in the Perpich community, it is their favorite time of year. It’s the season to dress up in fun costumes, watch scary movies/tv shows, read creepy books, and add pumpkin spice to almost everything you ingest!…