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The arts high school’s modern dance-based program offers classes in modern dance, ballet, composition, history, criticism, improvisation, and body studies.

Students develop technique, a broad movement vocabulary, and a wide view of dance. The process of learning and creating dance is a primary focus of the program. Students have opportunities to develop and use their skills while exploring their personal voices as choreographers and performers. Dancers study modern dance or ballet in a daily technique class. They come into the program with varying skill levels and are placed in classes accordingly. All dance students work on major performance projects.

The dance department is committed to performance as a teaching tool, an assessment tool, and as a vehicle for artistic expression. Students perform their own work as well as the work of professional choreographers in concerts throughout the year. They create work from classroom assignments and on their own as they form a performing ensemble. In recent years, students have performed at the Walker Art CenterBryant Lake BowlPatrick’s Cabaret, and the Southern Theater.

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“Perpich is the best school for me because it provides a diverse student population, artistic environment, and academic opportunities that can't be found anywhere else in the state.”

Literary Arts Student from Plymouth

“My teachers encourage me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and to always strive to better my art, never settling for good enough.”

Theater Student from Sartell

"For 17 years I’d carried the bulk of my children’s education myself. Sending the two oldest away to Perpich was a huge step of faith and I have not been disappointed. The teachers, in particular, have been fabulous!"

Perpich Arts High School Parent

"[Perpich] was a hugely formative experience for me and I think gave me many of the tools to get to this point of doing meaningful work that I love."

Andrew Edman (Visual Arts 2005)

“From the moment I came to Perpich, it was like a college campus, with an emphasis on independence and finding your own self, with training in academics and becoming an artist.”

Trent Ramert (Theater 2020)

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