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College & Career Planning

College & Career Planning

Because students come to Perpich at the beginning of their junior or senior year, it’s important to immediately begin connecting school coursework and records with plans for colleges, conservatories, and careers.

Perpich student services will provide support for the many steps students take from the day they begin at Perpich to the day they graduate two years later.

Our school counselor is available through individual appointments, emails, and voicemail. You can contact the counselor here. The guidance counselor can offer support with your personal, social, career, and/or academic issues; help you to clarify your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors; explore alternatives; and make decisions.

The goals of our guidance counseling office are:

  • To provide respectful, meaningful services for every student
  • To provide safe, confidential support to all students
  • To help you understand and appreciate your uniqueness
  • To get along with others and still be your best self
  • To enhance skills to promote positive change
  • To have every senior graduate and develop a future plan

Follow the links below to learn more about prepping for college and finding a career:


Every October, Perpich Arts High School sponsors a Portfolio Day, offered in conjunction with a national portfolio day at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Art schools, conservatories and universities with highly ranked arts programs travel from throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe to meet with Perpich students, evaluate their portfolios, discuss their goals and make presentations about their institutions.

Students move from table to table to speak with schools that interest them. It is not unheard of for a school to strongly recruit talented students on the spot during Portfolio Day and/or offer scholarship support. It provides students with the opportunity to receive focused attention and perceptive critiques of their current level of preparation for college or conservatory that are not available at other arts schools in the area.


You will find a multitude of information on the web about how to make your postsecondary plans.

Many of them are excellent. However, sites that urge you to pay for information or services or that try to persuade you to borrow money to attend their program, may be of dubious value. Be smart and check with your family or with student services staff about any information or online offers you come across that may sound too good to be true.

The Common Application

The Common Application is an undergraduate college admission application that applicants may use to apply to any of 517 member colleges and universities in 47 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom. It allows the application to be filled out once online and submitted to all schools with the same information going to each. Once the application is submitted to a college online, it cannot be changed for that college; the student must contact the college directly to correct an error or provide more information.


University of Minnesota Twin Cities Application

Information and applications for all University of Minnesota Campuses

University of Wisconsin Application for Undergraduate Admissions

University of California Pathways Links to the nine campuses and the applications.

College Board Applications On Line

Minnesota State Colleges & Universities

“Perpich is the best school for me because it provides a diverse student population, artistic environment, and academic opportunities that can't be found anywhere else in the state.”

Literary Arts Student from Plymouth

“My teachers encourage me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and to always strive to better my art, never settling for good enough.”

Theater Student from Sartell

"For 17 years I’d carried the bulk of my children’s education myself. Sending the two oldest away to Perpich was a huge step of faith and I have not been disappointed. The teachers, in particular, have been fabulous!"

Perpich Arts High School Parent

"[Perpich] was a hugely formative experience for me and I think gave me many of the tools to get to this point of doing meaningful work that I love."

Andrew Edman (Visual Arts 2005)

“From the moment I came to Perpich, it was like a college campus, with an emphasis on independence and finding your own self, with training in academics and becoming an artist.”

Trent Ramert (Theater 2020)

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