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Anaphylaxis Information

Minnesota state laws require every school to develop an individualized, written health plan with the prescribing medical professional of each student who may have need of a non-syringe injector of epinephrine (EpiPen) due to either/and bee sting allergies or food allergies. This plan needs to be in place at the time of the student’s enrollment or by the beginning date of the school year.

The plan:

  • allows the student to possess an EpiPen OR, if it’s determined the student is unable to possess the EpiPen, arranges for immediate access to a non-syringe injector of epinephrine at any time during the school day or (if living on campus) 24 hours a day for the student
  • designates the school staff person(s) responsible for implementing the plan
  • specifies that the school district, its agents and employees are immune from liability for any act or failure to act, made in good faith, in implementing the plan

Required anaphylaxis Forms

All medical forms are located on the “Medical Forms” page. Click the link below to view the forms and download the ones you need.