Campus in the fall


The American Diabetes Association states that “the school nurse is vital in coordinating and providing diabetes care at school.” The school nurse encourages full and ongoing communication among students, parents/guardians and family health care providers to support implementation of a daily management plan.

Any student attending Perpich who has been diagnosed with diabetes must be able to:

  • demonstrate proper technique for testing blood sugar
  • demonstrate proper technique of administering insulin when required
  • tell an adult if experiencing symptoms
  • carry glucose supply

Parents/guardians of a student with diabetes attending Perpich must:

  • notify the student health service office that the student has diabetes and fill out forms provided
  • communicate specific needs of the child to the school
  • work with their family health care provider to complete a diabetes medical management plan and update it annually
  • preferably meet with the school nurse each year
  • fill out the authorization for administration of prescription medication form annually

The Perpich school nurse will:

  • communicate specific individual concerns to parents
  • provide in-service about diabetes as needed to school and residence hall staff
  • be available as a resource to provide current information about diabetes

Required Medical Forms

All medical forms are located on the “Medical Forms” page. Click the link below to view the forms and download the ones you need.